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  1. #4371
    ariark Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gekn View Post
    Care to elaborate? Never heard of this text error.
    i installed 105 update without installing 102 update... so the game started but end up with text error... so i had to installed the game data again and update the 102... my mistakes...

  2. #4372
    cms Guest
    How the heck did this brilliant man do this?? I'm trying to do the same for one piece BLES01672-[ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS] for the past 3 days with no success at all!!!

    Bien hecho!!!

  3. #4373
    NoMaDiC1 Guest
    If anyone has the Dante's Inferno DLC, could you please upload. Thanks.

  4. #4374
    eric994 Guest
    would it be a good idea if we create a thread that we post all of the 4.xx most desirable games to see if the DEVS could post fixes according to popular demand this way i think it will work a lost faster using the voting method of course.

  5. #4375
    ckf92 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    yes but it is fixed for dex only not for cfw 3.55.
    it's a pity.. it's really a very great oldies! is it possible to make a request to somebody? i'm speaking about jet set radio of course!

  6. #4376
    asderot5 Guest
    a suggestion: just get the pc version of jet set radio, of course better than ps3 and xbox360 versions...

  7. #4377
    zideeq Guest
    This game is freaking sick.

    If you aren't getting this game for your kids/nephews/nieces. GTFO

  8. #4378
    elser1 Guest
    gotta agree. the name sounded kool so i requested the fix to mediafire... then i looked at the game.. OMG that looks really bad. LMAO!! pity it wasnt borderlands 2 fix or a good game. hopefully the powerbrokers will fix it for us.. hehe

  9. #4379
    MorningDew Guest
    Same here. Also have you played it some more? It seems Moe Kills are not working correctly for me, the words to form the attack are all blank. The attack still seems to work but it's kinda hard to actually use it blind like that.

  10. #4380
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i think a thread for requests would be great... then again, there's only one game i've been wanting to get fixed. jet set would be great to play again.

    i've noticed that (words missing), too. idk how that could have been overlooked or missed. i was thinking that was maybe the tutorial or a first fight or something.

    what game are you guys saying is crap? just curious...

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