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    They are never going to, they get much more satisfaction from watching people beg for stuff and praise them. I would just give up on asking. This, "scene", is not about sharing information anymore, not that it ever was. It is just about efame.

    At least we have one dedicated group right now, nodrm. And for them, I say thank you. I appreciate all the hard work he/she/they/ have done for the community.

    One other thought, maybe they are not sharing because they know it can be patched by sony, if that is the case then fine. But I have a hunch that is not the real reason. I mean, it is all their stuff and they would know how it was changed and what was changed and fix it from happening if it was possible to fix. Nothing is stopping them from making accounts on all the sites and downloading fixes and analyzing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaInEvIL View Post
    I tried Ninja Gaiden 3. It's a lame turd with some flashyness. Sigma 2 was pretty decent compared to 3 ( And sigma 2 wasn't even good ). Now they are trying to polish their turd by porting it to wii u (LOL) and calling it enhanced version. Pretty smart. Next is probably Resident Evil 6 black ups (Like Operation Gears of War). I can understand popular titles (Local and foreign), but asking for shovelware 3.55 fixes just seems wrong to me.
    One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kotnaphaha View Post
    Tried your harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 fix and it just froze on a black screen right after the playstation move information

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    hi there, i am looking for a fix/patch Sleeping Dogs - BLES01661 DUPLEX Version for CFW 3.55

    anyone could help me with it??

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    Keep looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariark View Post
    got resistance 3 text error fix... yay...
    Care to elaborate? Never heard of this text error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StefanPSP View Post
    i am looking for a fix/patch Sleeping Dogs - BLES01661 DUPLEX Version for CFW 3.55
    There ain't one... yet

    Quote Originally Posted by Gekn View Post
    Care to elaborate? Never heard of this text error.
    Its an error where all of the texts on the screen are in "code" even in the cutscene (I guess thats the error he meant) I fixed it... but I don't remember how, I'm sorry

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    Hello, is there any fix for JET SET RADIO on PSN? thank you in advance.

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    yes but it is fixed for dex only not for cfw 3.55.

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    that'd be awesome! i didn't know jet set radio came out. there's a few psn games that'd be great if they fixed it, namely the sonics and stranger's wrath

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