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    derceto Guest
    If you are using the "patched pkg" file, I believe it is for the BLES version, so it will install in the incorrect folder. This is why I used the official BLUS 1.01 update.

    However, to your original question. You will want to replace the eboot in the GAME/BLUS31002 folder yes. NOT the GAMES/BLUS31002 folder.

    Easiest way I can recommend is to get the official BLUS update. Install it. Overwrite official eboot with the "patched" eboot.

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    kotnaphaha Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by dovez0 View Post
    any chance of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (BLES01307) being patched/fixed for 3.55 if need original files can supply is 3.60
    sure: http://www.netload.in/dateiFIffcfQNO...S01307.rar.htm

    any fix for crash time 4 available?

    Quote Originally Posted by zideeq View Post
    Why do people ask about the worst games on the PS3, seriously, I can't believe people can play the crap games that get like 4/10 on review sites, wtf
    the cover dude, the cover!

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    I tried Ninja Gaiden 3. It's a lame turd with some flashyness. Sigma 2 was pretty decent compared to 3 ( And sigma 2 wasn't even good ). Now they are trying to polish their turd by porting it to wii u (LOL) and calling it enhanced version. Pretty smart. Next is probably Resident Evil 6 black ups (Like Operation Gears of War). I can understand popular titles (Local and foreign), but asking for shovelware 3.55 fixes just seems wrong to me.

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    ariark Guest
    got resistance 3 text error fix... yay...

    but now i still can't get Ghost Recon future soldier to work... i replace 100 patch ... installed the game ... installed pkg file (BLUS30521_TCGRFS_103_N0DRM-PATBAT_REPACK.pkg)... then deleted the BLUS30521 gamedata in hh0/game folder... start the game and installed again the gamedata and then replace fixed 102 in hh0/game... try to start game again and i got black screen... no matter how long i waited...

    btw the 102 N0DRM patch dont have any pkg file in it... where did you guys get it... is it the same as the one i got?...

    and one more thing do you guys play the game disc less or with it in it...

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    dovez0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kotnaphaha View Post
    does this one for harry potter & the deathly hallows part 2 actually work as tried a fix before and just got a black screen can someone confirm this one works, as tried a few and also Leatherface8 tried to help when i gave him the files and still didn't work, is a copy of the original game disc that i have

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    draze123 Guest
    Any ideas for the tekken tag 2 dlc character pack ? it it out for downloading?

    dlc for cfw i mean

  7. #4347
    spyrog2670 Guest
    Could someone please explain to me how fixing dlc works? without the need of reactpsn ? pleaaaase

  8. #4348
    Tek9 Guest
    I believe you would need the exdata file of the dlc to be placed in the exdata folder on the ps3

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    another... copy? try rereripping it.
    it will have to be another copy can't rerip it bd drive packed in working

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    spyrog2670 Guest
    people start making fixes for dlc but no one makes a tutorial damn!

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