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    dovez0 Guest
    any chance of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (BLES01307) being patched/fixed for 3.55 if need original files can supply is 3.60

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    wwywong Guest
    Relax bros, no need to wtf here...

    I'm sorry, but some people like mindless hack and slash and some eye candy... not every here is hard core COD MW fans, or others... btw, gamespot rate it 6.5 so it's not that bad. But anyway the discussion is not for this thread so boss pls nuke both of us msg here.

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    testsubject909 Guest
    Why are you playing games based on what review sites say ? Are you not able to build your own opinion about a game ?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    Will be done within the hour, and you have to download the dlc, its all (us) dlc (just follow instructions for euro) so your gonna download 4-5 gigs, the only difference is the patches which i have just uploaded seperately for you guys will post in about 30 mins.
    Thanks babyjoe. I am a few days behind on getting this. Can you reupload the patches? The links are down already.

  5. #4335
    bucelic Guest
    whoa can you actually change layouts of the psn?

  6. #4336
    Gekn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by windrider42 View Post
    Thanks babyjoe. I am a few days behind on getting this. Can you reupload the patches? The links are down already.
    He did the other day. Still up as of writing this.

    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    here you go buddy, for euro fix you have to follow the guide i posted pages back with the game

    Sorry tried to get that edited here's us and euro fixes for ASURA'S WRATH DLC together funny name so it doesnt get taken down...


  7. #4337
    toxickid Guest
    In regards to the Tekken Tag Tournament patch, Did anyone have an issue with a dead analog stick on the right side?

  8. #4338
    godofgamblers Guest
    Tekken Tag 2 not working for US version BLUS31002. Please help.

  9. #4339
    derceto Guest
    How I did it was that I downloaded the 1.01 update using the PS3 Game updater program. I installed the 1.01 official update, and then copied the Eboot.bin and overwrote the official one. That was it.

    If you happened to download the .pkg fix for BLES version, just install it, and ftp to get the eboot from the install folder. Then use that eboot to overwrite the official one.

    Hope you get it going.

  10. #4340
    godofgamblers Guest
    Ok so what you mean is that we replace the Eboot inside the Game installed folder "hdd00/Game/BLUS31002/USDIR" after we installed the 1.01 pkg with the patched Eboot? Not the Eboot in the Tekken folder on my external HDD, right?

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