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    i just reread the nfo and it says just to install the pkg. you might need to edit the sfo to make it bles

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Is the BLES01702 1.01 update repack (Installing pkg alone will have 1.01 update)? OR we need to download official update 1.01 first, and they apply patch? Any DLC for this game?
    this is the full Update 101 fixed... official Update 101 is not required

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    OMG THX!!! I'm sooooo happy! WTF??? I cannot hold myself, sorry.

    Best fix since mw3

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    can you fix Crash Time 4?

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    Wtf already...

    Need to hurry and get my ps3 downgraded O_O

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    Guys, can someone upload a 3.55 fix for Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year edition please? Thanks in advance.

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    Can confirm that this works with NTSC USA version of the game. Dumped my own disc on my mfw console and tried all offline modes. Everything works fine.

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    Is it entirely in English?

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    yes... ntsc wouldn't have anything but english on it

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    will like to say great job on fixing all this games thank you guys on another note what are the chances of fixing darksiders II thanks in advance

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