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  1. #4271
    cms Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jejemon123 View Post
    did anyone have a copy of EUR one piece tried fixed eboot patch for jap version or copy english language to jap version?
    Yep I've tried both nothing work

  2. #4272
    coresplendor Guest
    here i'm having trouble with asura, after installing the dlcs and the fix, it's 'freezing' at installing data... anyone else having this problem?

  3. #4273
    jejemon123 Guest
    cms - oh i see thank you for the reply dude

    coresplendor - i tested it US version 100% working also i finished it, just follow the instruction also dont use eboot and dongle param coz it will give you problem working on DLC.

  4. #4274
    Shrink0 Guest
    journey is fixed and working on dex consoles ... any chances 3.55 fix ?

  5. #4275
    cms Guest
    Sure thing

    If i have any good news i'll update you...

  6. #4276
    ASTRAL2k1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    this includes all dlcs for Asura's wrath US except episodes 19-22.

  7. #4277
    coresplendor Guest
    thanks for the tip, i was using the cracked eboot (not the dongle eboot), had to replace with the original eboot, and now its working, thanks

  8. #4278
    gtav Guest
    This is nice, i have a nice Challenge Lobby Patch right now, only need to be tested

  9. #4279
    justev Guest
    I searched through the forums and couldnt find the dead nation +DLC rhat Propjoe said he was gonna upload or did he

  10. #4280
    ljepava Guest
    Did someone released walking dead episodes?

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