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    Junior Member toxickid's Avatar
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    PS3JB let me know what you need, or PM me.

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    Any news on Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

    Since the DEX fix is out, perhaps someone could dump & create 3.55 fix?


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    only game left Darksiders II and we have the entire best games selection. Hope someone can get this one to work.


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    PropJoe, one again I say thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate your efforts.

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    i didn't realise fckpsn still worked. i hope the rebug team can release there psn solution again and again. that was really good eh. thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zideeq View Post
    Ghost Recon works, I just got it working! (previously had a blank screen after game install)

    I installed 1.00 N0DRM then ran game and it installed game data BUT then a blank screen!

    So, I installed the 1.02 N0DRM PKG Patch and THEN DELETED THE GAME DATA (not the 1.02 game data but the big 6GB game data it installs)

    Then I ran the game and it re-installed data and voila it works
    Guys, please help me. I try everything to install that game. First I install the 1.00 N0DRM, but nothing the game was not in multiman, I install 1.02 and the game have black screen, so in the end I install 1.03 and i have it runing to the user manual and again black screen. Can anyone write one pm with help or anything. And where you have to install 1.00, if its not in hdd GAMES?

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    i second kolabi please darksiders II

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    Will be done within the hour, and you have to download the dlc, its all (us) dlc (just follow instructions for euro) so your gonna download 4-5 gigs, the only difference is the patches which i have just uploaded seperately for you guys will post in about 30 mins.

    OK guys I'm gonna come through here for everyone and reupp to mediafire. Here is ASURA'S Wrath DLC for free users.
    Thanks for the help and +Rep

    Direct links for Asura's wrath DLC US




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    I have added the official Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.EBOOT.PATCH.121.USA. PS3-N0DRM release to the main article as well now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    Direct links for Asura's wrath DLC US
    i think there is 5 dlc s but there are 4 links

    is one of the dlcs missing?


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