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    sorry admin! wont happen again!

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    Hi! I've downloaded the official 1.04 patch for assassin's creed revelations BLES01467... Now what fix i have to download for this version?

    I've downloaded this and work
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    How can I fix the 121 patch of MW3 on my own?? the 120 patch was running nice

    LOL nvm i got it, just change param.sfo
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevve View Post
    properjoe i tried installing another full game and it went well. but when i tried the patch 1.04 and the fix i got error! maybe you have done something with your full game!
    I have no idea. I downloaded game as always, installed game, installed patch, copied edat to exdata, installed my fix. Game running perfect. I will check my fix again but I'm sure all is good with pkg. I will check generated edat too.

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    I will TEST Thanks JOE

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    Hi! Congrats on all the great fixes you have bring to us


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    Pr0P, any comment on the rumored fixes for Tekken Tag 2 and Darksiders 2?

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    Dungeon Hunter Alliance v.1.04 (NPUB30227) from JOE

    This game works 100 % I Testet with Patch 1.04

    1.EDAT-CRACK exdata\UP2006-NPUB30227_00-DHRALLIANCETRIA2.edat
    2.Install Full Game
    3.Install Patch Game v1.04
    4.Install Crack or Fix Game
    5.Than Start from XMB and have fun !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    thanks for uploading the dlc. can you upload both patches on different link i already have all the dlc. i don't want to download all of them again.
    Will be done within the hour, and you have to download the dlc, its all (us) dlc (just follow instructions for euro) so your gonna download 4-5 gigs, the only difference is the patches which i have just uploaded seperately for you guys will post in about 30 mins.

    OK guys I'm gonna come through here for everyone and reupp to mediafire. Here is ASURA'S Wrath DLC for free users.

    US Patch
    Euro Patch


    Downloadable Content Includes

    Lost Episode 1
    Lost Episode 2
    Episode 11.5
    Episode 15.5
    Episode 19-22

    Steps for us version are pretty simple

    1. Install the 5 Official DLC pack included in the folder OFFICIAL DLC PACK US
    2. Install the US UPDATE DLC v1.02 PATCHED included in Asuras Wrath - DLC PATCH US [BLUS30721].rar

    Steps for EURO VERSION are a little different.

    1. Install the 5 Official DLC pack included in the folder OFFICIAL DLC PACK US
    2. Install the EURO UPDATE DLC v1.02 PATCHED included in the rar-Asuras Wrath - DLC PATCH EURO [BLES01227] (Not needed if you already installed EU game data)
    3. Move the content of USRDIR folder from "dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30721/" to "dev_hdd0/game/BLES01227/"
    4. Again, Install the EURO UPDATE DLC v1.02 PATCH included in the rar-Asuras Wrath - DLC PATCH EURO [BLES01227].rar.
    5. Say THANK YOU JoeAngel (babyjoe00069) you are my hero lol.
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    Sorry, I have bought the play and PSFreak wanted to crack it. Thanks to you for fixed.

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