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  1. #4171
    evEr Guest
    Almost jumped hoping one of these was any of the PSN JAK HD fix. But thanks for your every effort pr0pJOE.

  2. #4172
    spaceweed Guest
    Thank you for these games, good job

  3. #4173
    bevve Guest
    hi man! i just download the full game four time and when i install the full game then on 15% it gives me error i just wanted you to know that! i'm gonna try download the full game and see if it works! thanks so much properjoe!

    properjoe i tried installing another full game and it went well. but when i tried the patch 1.04 and the fix i got error! maybe you have done something with your full game!

    i did this: first put the edata in the edata folder on the ps3, then i installed the full game pkg i found because it gave me error, then install the patch 1.04 from you and the fix for 1.04. what am i doing wrong ?

  4. #4174
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Just a quick PSA note as running through the post moderation queue I notice some of you aren't aware...

    When making posts directed at another user address them with their name or use like "AT UserName" but don't use the "@" symbol (such as @UserName) or the post will automatically get flagged and sent to the queue by our system since spammers often include their e-mails this is how we catch most of them easily.

    Those who use the "@" symbol in their posts will have to wait until someone goes through the queue and manually approves the non-spam posts, which often is only a few times per day so it's safest to simply not use that character but use AT instead. Carry on folks!

  5. #4175
    BMFRPT Guest
    Thank you for RESIDENT EVIL: CODE VERONICA X HD and great job pr0p0sitionJOE.

  6. #4176
    Bogo Guest
    I got a Question, not a request!

    Is it possible to fix the Sniper Elite V2 DLC Assassinate the Führer ?

  7. #4177
    dreekuuh Guest
    Can somebody tell me the zeus psn link for Resident Evil chronicles HD and Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD?? Thanks ...

  8. #4178
    twennyBensuns Guest
    I wasn't aware of that at all and was puzzled as to why a number of posts had been 'waiting for approval' yet others were posted immediately. You learn something new every day, thanks for the info

  9. #4179
    PSFreak26 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Many many many thx..

    I love your work

  10. #4180
    penjejakawan Guest
    Hopefully those who managed to fix the 4.1 games will also fix PES 2013... (praying)

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