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  1. #4081
    Brenza Guest
    Here's BLUS30521 1.02 official update, you've to install it before using the N0DRM patch


  2. #4082
    Yourname Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    LeatherHead N0DRM Repacks (09-15-12)
    This is the first of your repacks that didnt work for me. After using your patch it freezes after the move screens.
    I d/l n0drm patch (100) installed all incl patch's and game worked - yay

    I then installed the update patch and n0drm files from (102) to hdd0 and game still worked - yay again

    The update patch is v1.03 yet n0drm patch says its for v1.02

  3. #4083
    eustahija Guest
    I'm so happy to see patch for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but I'm little bit confused. Which patch will use 100 or 102 from N0DRM, I have BLUS version of the game by PROTON? Please help me, thanks!

  4. #4084
    Yourname Guest
    Install 100 first as its the patch files to fix the game then use 102 to update

  5. #4085
    eustahija Guest
    Thanks Yourname for quick responding, that means I must replace everything from patch 100 to game dir (eboot, param sfo, etc) and than replace again from patch 102 (I mean eboot and param sfo) and finally install pkg file. Can I just use patch 100? Is it working without files from patch 102?

  6. #4086
    evEr Guest
    Oh what can I say? I knew this day would come. Thanks a lot, N0DRM

  7. #4087
    Mesutg Guest

    this works for BLES00924 to, replace all the files in the GAME BACKUP FOLDER then don't download the US update, dw this


    i know its version 1.03 install it replace the files with the PATCH 1.02 it wrkz thnx N0DRM

  8. #4088
    danielpc99 Guest
    hey Leatherface8,

    could you pls make a pkg for the EUR-version of 1.02 update of Ghost Recon?!

    this would be very nice.. thx in advance

  9. #4089
    eboot79 Guest
    confirmed freeze this repack..

  10. #4090
    Yourname Guest
    Yes it will work with only using 100 patch as its the files to fix game 102 is game update fix only. Replace all the files from n0drm 100 patch to your Ghost Recon game folder NOT hdd0!! i also used select+x it may work without it, game will then install data to hd now your ready to play.

    If you choose to, d/l 1.02 update and install, then replace all the files from n0drm 102 patch to hdd0/game/BLUS30521 directory NOT your GHOST RECON folder!!!

    I'm sure LeatherHead will release another patch, if you cant wait til then you can patch it manually with or without the 102 update

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