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    Aug 2012
    hi ... i just started playing resistance 3 ... i replaced fix files and installed the package... and the game started and all... but how come i get the fonts/word all over the place... i can't understand any of the word... did i do something wrong?

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    Dec 2010
    Hey! I cannot connect to the MW3 servers with the 120... I'm online in PSN on 3.55 DEX Rogero 2 with fckpsn

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratboy112 View Post
    I can't seem to get Call of Juarez the Cartel to work. Just get a black screen whenever I start it up. I installed both of the patch .pkg's and use the USA version of the game
    Never mind figured it out!! All I needed to do was Select + X

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    Jan 2011
    ATM is very dangerous for our heros. $ony is checking any forums AND the new patches. I have hear the "leaked" key comes from $ony to find the path to the "bad boys".

    But i spend i very very BIG respect to our heros!

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    anything available for dragon dogma? dlc patch? anything?

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    Oct 2010
    Maybe you missed the patch release some days ago:

    Dragons Dogma EBOOT PATCH - Dragons.Dogma.EBOOT.PATCH.103.EUR.PS3-N0DRM - n0drm-dragonsdogma103eu.rar

    Then again... someone on the forums reported having trouble with the patch, but now I can't find the post.. you should try and report back

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    Nov 2010
    any news for the asuras wrath dlc?

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    hello just wanting to know if there is a fix out for Sorcery if someone would be so kind into letting me know many thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by miwaly View Post
    any news for the asuras wrath dlc?
    for now it is working for reactpsn.

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    I got everything ready for fixing Asura DLC aswell as Dragons Dogma DLC and AC Revelation DLC also ready for fixing. But since I'm so busy working I just can't find time to deal with this. Asura DLC are pretty big so I have to get it first and then fix it.

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