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    Feb 2011
    Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA. PS3-N0DRM
    Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.EBOOT.PATCH.119.USA. PS3-N0DRM

    Download: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post427286

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    Jun 2011
    LeatherHead N0DRM Repacks (09-13-12)

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 USA CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.19


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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Some help from the others in the scene will be appreciated!
    ok i've checked a bit... simply it's game dependant. for example most games like dragon's dogma or skyrim have a cumulative update, just 1 package that (should) include all the previous ones. but if you give a look to , let's say, gt5, you have 17 updates to download, starting from the first one to the last.

    indeed even the ps3 game updater i use gives me the same result. so... the huge job to fix the intermediate patches is only relatively useful, only if you want just a specific update (for example if you know that in game x the patch 1.01 fixes the problem you have but the 1.02 reduce the overpowered stat you like so much and don't want to renounce it, well just get only the 1.01 ) but if you are just interested in having the game fixed with the last update, simply go for it.

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    Oct 2009
    one thing it is strange!!! they fix only the dongle games, but the patch fixed these games use also upper than 3.70 keys some also 4.00 and more ... I'm asking if this is a their choice to fix only those, because their exploit work also on patch with Upper keys of other games for sure that they don't release it.

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    Jan 2012
    My opinion is Team N0DRM knows how to fix the new games. But, I've read before during the very first week N0DRM appears on the scene that they won't release fixes for new games because of piracy.

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    Aug 2012
    where is eboot of spec ops:the line?

    please why are they release these games again?

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    Dec 2005
    Does FIFA.12.EBOOT.PATCH.106 work for you ? For me it does not work. I am on 3.55 kmeaw.

    After installing the .pkg from here: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...6-V0100-PE.pkg and after replacing the files (each file in it's own folder) it just tells me that I need a firmware 4.0.

    The fix for v.100 works fine.
    Please help.

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    Sep 2012
    Does the MW3 and AC Revelations updates allow online play?

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    Jan 2012
    don't think a scene group cares about piracy, it's what they do.

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    Aug 2008
    Found this: Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.v120.BLUS30838.PS3-danixleet

    So while most of you complain that you can't use PSN with N0DRM's 1.19 EBOOT Fix, some of us actually look deeper into why there wasn't a 1.20 fix and well its self explanatory...

    Anyways to make the n00bs life easier i have repacked the correct 1.20 pkg to enjoy MW3 on PSN..


    1) Delete Game Data
    2) Call.of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.PROPER.PS3-DUPLEX
    3) Install My UP0002-BLUS30838_00-MW3P000000000120-A0120-V0120.pkg
    4) Run Game & Unicorns lol

    Tested on kmeaw & Rogero v3.4

    5) Thanks N0DRM
    6) Duplicate the link cause i will not be uploading it again
    7) my setup was Internal with BD Mirror on in MM

    Didn't try out myself yet, but there are happy repliers..

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