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  1. #4001
    nikito2k12 Guest
    How to repack the fixes? You can explain it?

  2. #4002
    arrakis31 Guest
    Extract original update pkg with pkgview. Replace original eboot with fixed one and change the param.sfo as necessary.

    Use npdrm package to make a new fixed updated package...

  3. #4003
    elser1 Guest
    its great to see all these games being "fixed"

    thanks to all involved.

  4. #4004
    kani4 Guest
    thank you

  5. #4005
    mrkool Guest
    hello pr0p0siti0nJoe.. where you at , just was wondering about you, thanks for all the goodies and the other contributers also , thanks again leatherface8

  6. #4006
    dovez0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    WELL you posted that question right after we were discussing european version of the Apprentice and downloading it, nor did you ask which game you wanted, figured it was the one we were talking about.
    sorry was meaning mgs hd

  7. #4007
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Some help from the others in the scene will be appreciated!
    See, when I see those like that, I normally just download them all and then go in order. But lately it seems like they've added the patches together (Skyrim's 1.06 update is a huge 107mb while others are 10-20mb). I suppose if you look, and get more than one update, to just be smart and do it one at a time.. but otherwise a single one should be good.

  8. #4008
    chairmanhao Guest
    I am having trouble getting the 1.03 BLES update for dragon's dogma to work. The original works fine, but getting a "unsupported data" error and I cannot even boot up the game with the 1.03 update. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Usually an "Unsupported Data" error means you will need to also change the TitleID in the PS3_DISC.SFB file from what I've read... worth a try perhaps.

  10. #4010
    neopike Guest

    Dungeon Siege 3 PS3 help?

    So I can't get this game to start. I've tried various things and always ends up with a black screen. I'd really appreciate it if someone could possibly help me out with a somewhat detailed step by step guide. I'm using CFW 3.55 knewm and multiman 4.05.

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