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    Contributor bobo3atlon's Avatar
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    Does someone have links for game 1942 joint strike? thanks

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    Red Face More Updated List?

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    I am wandering if there is a more updated list of games? I am wanting StarTrek DLC? and the Final Fantasy PSN games too. I know if they are not out then sooner or later they will be. I have allot of those FF games and want to try them to see if they have changed. Also until hdd psx booting works bug free, I am not wanting to swap discs out. Can you believe someone would actually take one disc out of a multi-set of games?

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    Duplex haven't released anything since the 30th of October, when they do release something you'll hear about it here though.

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    i have one request, if someone has CRAZY TAXI please can you upload it ?? thank you in advance.

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    I've been looking for that game for a long time, there seems to be no download links anywhere for this game. Anyways we have a better chance of getting this game now since the realese of ReActPSN 2.0.

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    Is there any way to get DLC or updates link? Maybe if we get Worms 2 Armageddon DLC pkg or Split Second ones we could extract it and try to mod the game. I would try but I just cannot get the files.

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    Yeah, here you can get the updates for your games damox.net or you have to use an update finder:


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    Thank you very much...

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    Thank you very much! And is there any for DLCs ?

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    thank you very much for the links sir.. is there another psn games available? aside from these games..


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