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    thx LeatherFace8 question... but you for create this pkg which procedure execute ?

    i think : you open the original pkg, insert the file N0drm e repack the pkg ?


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    Sep 2011
    The latest patches include the previous ones. So you can go straight from 1.00 to 1.06.

    Hopefully, I was sad to see it boot me to xmb. I don't have the eur version but if a na fix isn't released I will swap the files and see if they work together.

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    Yes, correct

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    Same here - I'm looking forward to testing this AC revelations patch when I return home from work. I guess this also means that we could now play the Lost Archive dlc, if someone can patch & release it.

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    I have AC revelation BLES01466 ... if I use the patch released from NODRM will the game be updated to 1.06 or not?

    if not what procedure should I do to make the patch work with BLES01466?

    thanks in advance...

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    Jun 2012
    If you got the PSN version of FIFA 12 and have installed it, then how should you put the files in the /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30809 directory ? Because the direcotory of this game is not that ?

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    Mar 2011
    smokyyuwe - thanx for your reply.. now i do understand.

    will get the latest patch or update and copy over to the games folder..

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    My last repack of the day

    Birds Of Steel JPN CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.01

    Original Patch links




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    Feb 2012
    Get PS3 Game List and that will get the updates and it will also tell you how many updates are needed. IF there is only 1 needed then thats all it will get but if more are needed it will also get them too.

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    Sep 2011
    can someone please reupload FF XIII-2 20small DLC and original Eboot+param? (putlocker or mediafire if you could)

    both sendspace links are down. they got deleted fast

    thanks in advance

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