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  1. #3951
    cfc2001 Guest
    any news for a Fifa12 BLUS30809 fix ???

  2. #3952
    dovez0 Guest
    have got Sniper Ghost Warrior BLES01281 to work i updated via multiman to 1.01 then wrote over original files with fix then deleted the update off that had installed and now working fine say about update to 1.01 but just press circle and seems to be working ok has anyone patched update 1.01 yet?

    only have to figure out Fix Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 BLES01307 (giving a black screen and frozen)

  3. #3953
    Lando43 Guest
    Is latest version of GT5 hacked?

  4. #3954
    hey69 Guest
    Is anybody aware of a decent eboot fix for Uncharted 3 ? I know its playable right now but, it was quite a workaround when it came out, and it has horrendous loadingtimes because of this.

  5. #3955
    Orelha Guest
    Download a clean game, then install the 1.03 patch fix.

  6. #3956
    sharks Guest
    Thank you SO MUCH for this proper fix! I had this game taking up precious space on my hard drive and it took me so many hours to get it. Now, i can finally enjoy it... Great!

    Is it possible to have the patch for Need For Speed The Run, Asian version? That's what i have and it works but i wanted to have the patch as it undoubtedly fixes/improves the game.

  7. #3957
    spark32 Guest
    Need NHL 13!!!! lol

  8. #3958
    moja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    I didn't do anything differently, just replaced the official update pkg with N0DRM's fixed files. I read just copying the files will not fix the game properly, it has to be done with a package.
    That would explain it, then. Thanks again. Just an update, though, I have weird saving issues (spoke to soon). I can't manually save in the timeline because it locks up at step 2. Also, when the game autosaves, for some reason if I reload the game all my progress does not appear, but when I use the save with my retail disc on ofw, it works fine. Still, thanks for the effort and explanation!

  9. #3959
    tanasi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moja View Post
    when the game autosaves, for some reason if I reload the game all my progress does not appear
    I've got the same problem and i've done everything right for the BLES version... Just wasted 3 gaming hours... I can't risk starting a new game, because this was the second time i got this ''glitch''.

    First I used FINAL.FANTASY.XIII2.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-N0DRM, then Final.Fantasy.XIII2.106.CFW3.40.UPDATE.PATCH.FIX.E UR. I even deleted save data,even the one that is found in game data category (not the update 1.06 files). I want to backup my savegame but if it gets corrupted even before i exit the game. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any answers.

  10. #3960
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dovez0 View Post
    this is BLES01593-[Atelier MeruruThe Apprentice of Arland] not msg HD.
    WELL you posted that question right after we were discussing european version of the Apprentice and downloading it, nor did you ask which game you wanted, figured it was the one we were talking about.

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