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  1. #3941
    andochan Guest
    guys, i really really need Atelier Meruru (The Apprentice of Arland) USA Version Patch. please help me, i already download the EUROPE version patch but it didn't work... i'm sorry if my english is bad

  2. #3942
    LiGHTaz Guest
    Thanks a lot guys! Now the European Peace Walker HD becomes multi5 (Italian and German languages are on their places). But a bug with Transferring is still there (both American and European fixes)

    I mean when you choose a Transferring option in PW menu and then try to quit to the main menu, your console stucks and rebooting is the only solution. Please fix it. By the way, somebody test please if Transferring function is properly working (try to share savestates from/to PSP). Because I couldn't do that.

  3. #3943
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    why don't you just download the whole european game I posted links for the whole game its less than 4gigs there isn't a us patch released by itself there's only links for the whole us game and once extracted the fix is there but not worth it european version is exactly the same, and you can play any region on any ps3.

  4. #3944
    AsimLeonheart Guest
    Thank you so much! I was successfully able to update and run my Skyrim because of your package. I really appreciate your help and kindness. Please keep helping us noobs in the future as well since we need great people like you. Even if some of them others are not thankful, there are who are really grateful and I am one of them. Once again thanks.

  5. #3945
    dovez0 Guest
    can you give link to page that has this game please so can download, thanks

  6. #3946
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Windstyle View Post
    Guys i have ssx Blus version nothing works when i install 1.03 it gets me out of the game if i install just 1.00 i get black screen help

    obviously you didn't follow directions very well then i posted 2 very easy step by step guides 3 steps that's it once again.

    1. Delete all ssx saves patches installed data or whatever in your saved data on game column in xmb.
    2. !!DO NOT!! (are you reading this part) !!DO NOT REPLACE ANY ORIGINAL GAME FILES!! If you don't have em here..http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jqlg1w19488w6j4
    3. In your games directory make sure you have these files I just provided you the link to.
    4. Make sure there is no ssx folder in dev/hdd/game...directory if there is delete it, should be no BLUS30849 folder if you deleted everything ssx related in your game data utility.
    5. Install.. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1gc46i5tv6j7nhd through install pkg files.
    6. That's it. If you can't follow those instructions update your ps3 to official firmware cause you have no reason or brains to keep up with a jailbroken ps3. lol

  7. #3947
    dovez0 Guest
    i download fix Fix Sniper Ghost Warrior BLES01281 overwrote the original files all i get is a black screen can some one help please.

    Fix Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 BLES01307 same thing is happening but rest of my original games are working no problem is just these 2 games.

  8. #3948
    babyjoe00069 Guest

  9. #3949
    eizade Guest
    leatherface8 - you have done quite extensive work out there. Thanx in million

    If you dont mind could you do us a favor by fix Dragon Age II patch V1.05 please?

  10. #3950
    dovez0 Guest
    this is BLES01593-[Atelier MeruruThe Apprentice of Arland] not msg HD.

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