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    Thanks Leatherface8 your repacks are the only way i can get these NODRM updates to work

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    Now we can play DLC FFIII-2 with patch 1.06

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    Guys can anyone help me and give me the links for Mass Effect 3 DLC but the European version BLES01462?

    You will make me VERY happy

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    For those who need it:

    BLUS30722 Street Fighter X Tekken Original Eboot + Param -

    Credit to the random source I found on the net... sadly can't find a similar link for BLES01269 FF XIII-2 so appreciate if someone else can find it... cheers!

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    marvel vs capcom 2 links not working anymore

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    I am sorry, but where do you download the DLC files? Through game menus? Through PSN? I don't have connection to PSN now since using CFW.

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    Thanx alot everyone. Never imagine i could play latest game with 3.55 fix. You know how many people out there who are grateful for what you guys have done.

    Just out curiosity, will ever N0DRM or anyone else working on old game's update fix eg. DRAGON AGE II US V1.05 which only work +3.60??

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    well I got them from my own sources (private tracker so can't share the link) however i would imagine you should be able to find the DLC files via a search... either that or wait for someone to upload the DLC files here.

    that said there's quite a few DLC files so dunno how easily it can be put together... i'll try to upload tomorrow (its 2am here now) and will update here if i succeed.

    well you know what... apparently the DLC doesn't take much space (although there's loads of files) so I just did it now

    BLES01269 FFXIII-2 DLC -

    Note: the DLC for this game is region-locked so you'll need different files for US/JPN/ASIA versions

    Also note, with regards to the FFXIII-2 DLC... I have NOT tested it as I still do not have access to the original Eboot + Param for the game

    That said, the source is 100% verified and so there really is no reason for it not to work... in other words, it "should" be safe to try the DLC files


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