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    LeatherFace8 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by danielpc99 View Post
    hey leatherface.. thx for your pkgs! but one question: why is your FF12-2 EUR-pkg 30mb+ and the N0DRM-Fix only 8-9mb?!
    Because it includes the full update from psn + fixed with the N0DRM's patch.

  2. #3882
    wwywong Guest
    By guess would be a repack is a "re-pack" of the original 1.06 patch (which is much bigger than just eboot.bin) + the patched EBOOT and other decrypted files.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Where is the link for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 EBOOT PATCH - Final.Fantasy.XIII2.EBOOT.PATCH.106.JPN.PS3-N0DRM - n0drm-finalfantasy106jp.rar ?
    As soon as I run across it I will add the link, if anyone else sees it feel free to post it in this thread and we'll update the article with it.

  4. #3884
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lando43 View Post
    excellent, now FF13-2 DLC will be working on 3.55.
    So how do we get DLC if we have the 1.06 patch installed?

  5. #3885
    kooltilldend Guest
    download the dlc files and put them in the FF XIII-2 folder... the DLC should show up in-game after you have installed the update released by N0DRM

    I have yet to test it as I do not have the original eboot + param anymore but the above is pretty much the only way to get it to work I think

  6. #3886
    danielpc99 Guest
    thx for your answers leatherface and ps3gamer.. this makes sense

    one final question (i promise^^): why is there an 1.02 update for binary domain? are there also DLCs for this game (beside the usually bug fixes)?

    PS: i hope PropJoe will fix the FF-12 DLCs.. i bet he's actually working on them

  7. #3887
    kooltilldend Guest
    can someone also release the original eboot + fix for BLES01252 Street Fighter X Tekken (+ FFXIII-2), along with the update + fix pkg and also its DLC?

    once we have all of the above, both SFxT and FFXIII-2 should be fully working with DLC I believe

  8. #3888
    niwakun Guest
    anyone got their previous saves working when FFXIII-2 1.06 update with fixes were installed? I got mined not working at all. I'm forced to create a new game.

  9. #3889
    LeatherFace8 Guest
    Here's two more repacks.

    Call of Juarez The Cartel USA CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.01
    Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?3m7jm5xjuv54ymy
    Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?3bjde5mj2b4942b

    Street Fighter X Tekken USA CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.06

    Thanks N0DRM
    & Enjoy

  10. #3890
    navaee Guest
    any chance of GRAN TURISMO 5 UPDATE 2.0 ?

    It's a great update. please ask nodrm to crack this update.

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