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  1. #3851
    cowboys805 Guest
    is there anything i need to replace in hdd0/games/blus38049, or do i do everything in game dir. cause when i leave games dir untouched ssx wont even load it just kicks me back to xmb... help please

  2. #3852
    cowboys805 Guest
    does ssx only run externally... cause i've tried everything and i cant get it to run internally... this is what i did step by step:

    1. ftpd ssx blus30849 to games folder.
    2. installed UP0006-BLUS30849_00-SSXNAPATCH000003-A0103-V0100-PE.pkg
    3. replaced 100 reepack eboot and param sfo in hdd0/game/blus30849 directory
    3. finaly installed UP0006-BLUS30849_00-SSXNAPATCH000003.pkg which is the 103 update plus fix.

    after all that when i load game in multiman it just takes me to xmb.

    when i put files in hdd0/games/ directory, the game will actually load but it will give grey screen... plus i know you aren't supposed to replace anything in games directory so i dont know what to do... help greatly appreciated thanks

  3. #3853
    twennyBensuns Guest
    Crikey, you have been at this a while!

    Ok. From the post above you do NOT state that you have selected BD Mirror option to be ON in MM for this title. Also to run this from internal using MM and BD mirror option on you MUST have latest version of Mm (04.04.00 upwards).

    I have this running from external using the method I listed in a previous post so unless someone who has succesfully got this to run from internal hdd I can't help other than speculate I'm afraid.

    Hope you get this sorted and enjoy this game as I admire your determination with it!

    All the best

  4. #3854
    cowboys805 Guest
    thanks appreciate it... yes i have the bd-mirror turned on i'm trying to run it internally because i have no idea how to run games externally. when i put files in game directory as opposed to games it just kicks me to xmb however when i use the replace files in games dir. the game actually loads but i get grey screen... i'm ready to thrown in towel

  5. #3855
    kooltilldend Guest
    alright so lemme try to help

    firstly, i believe bd-mirror CANNOT be used with internal (someone wanna correct me if I'm wrong?) so I recommend playing this game externally (haven't heard of anyone saying it works internally either so this is the recommended way)

    now to run it externally, here's what you need to do:

    Grab a "non-modified" (i.e. original) BLUS/BLES version of SSX (again do NOT modify the eboot or param) -> create a "GAMES" folder inside an extrenal hdd (format the hdd to fat32 first if you haven't) and copy the SSX folder inside this GAMES folder

    Once you have copied the game to the external hdd - connect the hdd to your ps3 via the usb port and then run multi-man... MM should recognize the game and give you an option to run the game

    Here go into settings (by pressing square on the SSX game) and turn ON BD-Mirror... the game may even work without turning on BD-mirror so try both options if one doesn't work.

    Once you have loaded the game and you are sent back to XMB, install the 1.02/1.03 patch + fix posted in this thread (ONLY ONE patch depending on your game's region)

    You can confirm the update patch is "installed" by looking in Game Data as there will be a SSX update installed there (note: there should be NO SSX game data from before you have undertaken the previous step)

    Once you've got this far... just run the game and it'll work perfectly fine!

    If it still doesn't, then lemme know and I'll look into it - but more than likely, your game is corrupt if its still not working as the above steps (if followed correctly) are 100% working

  6. #3856
    twennyBensuns Guest
    kooltilldend - Hello. Just heads up regarding BD Mirror function for internal mm. Following from changelog,

    Improved compatibility for the so-called "Black-Screen-Games" (BSG) which until now required the "BD-Mirror" option and worked ONLY from external usb HDD (otherwise game would lock/loop/error during load).

    - Now users can use the "BD-Mirror" option for game backups stored in the INTERNAL HDD.

    It may improve the compatibility of over 100 games (some older titles, some newer), for example AC1 / Colin Dirt 1 / Prince Of Persia / CoD / MW / Tomb Raider, incl. titles which had sound issues.

    - It is now possible to set "BD-Mirror" option for games in Internal HDD and it enables the new functionality. The option works both with PS3 Game Disc in the tray and in discless mode from /app_home.

    - The option is available in the "Game Settings" menu for each game in the list

    So it is a pretty new feature (from 04.04.00). I haven't used it myself as I store everything that can be used on external ON external.

    cowboys805 - Wow, you don't have anything set up for external HDDs!! Crikey. Follow the great advice above, ("create a "GAMES" folder inside an extrenal hdd (format the hdd to fat32 first if you haven't) and copy the SSX folder inside this GAMES folder") and you have now opened up a whole new era of extra game storage space Sir!!

    Keep going Cowboys805! You've worked at this too long to give up and it DOES work... eventually

    I'm just worried you'll think the game wasn't worth it after all this.....

  7. #3857
    cowboys805 Guest
    thanks ima try this now been doing this for 2 days straight... exhausted

  8. #3858
    kooltilldend Guest
    thanks for that info twennyBensuns! clearly I missed the memo when I setup MM myself a while back... I rarely used Internal though (unless necessary) so doesn't really affect me

    cowboy805 mate it does work so don't give up on it now! I do recommend playing SSX via external though... it'll set you up for other external games + you have a 100% tried-n-tested working method for SSX itself!

    Also any file you may need (original eboots, 1.03 update + fix pkg)... they are all available in this thread... so if your game isn't working for some reason... try replacing these files (after you are certain that the game files themselves aren't corrupt... i.e. they are working for others)

    cheers and enjoy the game! its great fun - reminds me of one of my fav ps2 games - Downhill Domination (much more fun in multiplayer but the adrenalin rush you'll get from SSX is still worth it!)

  9. #3859
    cowboys805 Guest
    ok so i did this and multiman recognizes the game and everything... however when i load the game it just kicks me to xmb. the game wont even load...

  10. #3860
    twennyBensuns Guest
    Hang on a mo (just in case you are used to direct booting) do you mean when you select the game in multiman it sends you back to xmb? (Sorry this is NOT an insult or anything just want to clarify things) Selecting inMM sends you back to XMB then load in from disc icon.

    Again this is NOT an insult to your intelligence here just that with you having mainly internal hdd games you may be direct booting them all from MM.

    Have to check these things

    If it's NOT working from the disc icon (with all the patches mentioned above AND Bd mirror on) then I am stumped!

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