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  1. #3811
    dovez0 Guest
    your welcome

  2. #3812
    mtsrefrg Guest
    Does anyone have a us version of dirt 3 that works ? Would appreciate it if someone could reup

  3. #3813
    kamal1948 Guest

    please patch for fifa??

    please can you patch FIFA 12 euro? Thanks a lot

  4. #3814
    dovez0 Guest
    i will upload my original disc if you are interested, is Dirt 3 BLES01287 if you want will message you when done.

    do you want me to upload or not it takes time so need to know?

  5. #3815
    Jenan Guest
    What's wrong with the Duplex release?

  6. #3816
    dovez0 Guest
    I don't know he is asking for it to be re-upped so am willing but getting no response mine is an original game disc and is the one the fix and patch is for

  7. #3817
    Jenan Guest
    But that's wrong, the fix/update is for the Europe version.

  8. #3818
    dovez0 Guest
    yes but still the same game no difference works on any cfw ps3 so dont see the problem

    so dont see the problem, i play bles, blus, blej, games on my ps3

  9. #3819
    Jenan Guest
    There's not really a problem. I'm aware they're all region free. But that doesn't mean all the fixes are compatible. Editing the param.sfo sometimes works, but why go through the trouble when the fix is meant for the Duplex release (which is the easiest release to get out there, I can't even find a US version.)

  10. #3820
    dovez0 Guest
    the fix & update is for the version i have that is why i offered to upload

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