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  1. #3801
    Krachwas Guest
    Dude can you please write down what you exact mean?

    I copied the game folder BLES01437 over to my external drive x:/GAMEZ/BLES01437. After that I install your Patch+Fix. What do I do then? Starting gives me an error: 80010009

    What am I missing here?


  2. #3802
    kooltilldend Guest
    answering my own post -> to use the update patch (1.02 for EUR, 1.03 for USA), original eboot + param is necessary (which i sadly can't find so far)

    on the other hand, the eboot and param from the 1.00 fix work perfectly fine as long as there's no game data installed

    generally i don't care about update patches as they are largely meaningless (imo) but SSX has proper updates and then there's the DLC too (which requires the 1.02/1.03 update)... so yeah, in this case would really like to update

    Would honestly appreciate if someone can upload their original BLUS30849 SSX eboot + param as I don't want to rip the two from my game as that'll take a long time (grabbing the whole game from the net will take even longer)

    Appreciate all help!


  3. #3803
    ratboy112 Guest
    Well I'll be damned, I'm playing SSX right now hahaha.

  4. #3804
    ky0n Guest
    SSX [BLES-01437] Update 1.02 CFW 3.55 Fix.rar (43.8 MB)

    It works fine in 3.55, thanks.

  5. #3805
    hilongo Guest
    Hey there... I see a lot of movement around here..

    I just wanted to confirm that Cursed Crusade and Order Up!! fixes are tested and working

    C-ya in my next 'F5'

  6. #3806
    sajjad6988 Guest
    pr0p0sitionJOE more games to play for CFW 3.55 PSN hack do?

  7. #3807
    ps33ps Guest
    CFW 3.55 external hdd - game still freeze

  8. #3808
    dovez0 Guest
    working fine on 3.55 kmeaw set multiman as bd external, did you go back to original eboot param 1st? the eur works great

  9. #3809
    willers Guest
    I've spent all day now to try and resign the .pkg for playtv 2.03 update. AFAIK it's using 3.56 keys and I've been using aldostools PS3 tools to sign the eboot and .sprx file but it still wont work for me.

    Can someone point me in the right direction or maybe even do this update as I'm at a loss and wonder am I going around in circles with it.

  10. #3810
    ps33ps Guest

    1) restore orginal eboot
    2) install update


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