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    Did anyone release DLC for Soul Calibur 5 yet? I've seen none yet.. so that's the update about? Just to get ready for DLC?

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    So you think you will upload some new stuff (dead nation + dlc) in the weekend? That would be great! Keep up the good work.

    Something with the reply with quote didnt work. Above post is a question to Johnny.

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    There is some dlc for that game floating around the net. Sadly the files are useless, because they include *.rif activation files without an act.dat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearmon2010 View Post
    Thanks but can you repack Ninja Gaiden 3 BlUS and STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN BLUS version too ? If you dont have Street Fighter X Tekken.. Can I send you my original eboot or eboot fixed ? Just let me know what you need.
    Its very easy to pack pkgs with any eboot.

    You just have to know what commands to use and for retail update eboots you have to resign for NPDRM with header. Then you can pack no problem.

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    It's cool thats what we are here for to help each other the file I upped for you is BLES01593 [Atelier Meruru The Apprentice Of Arland] should work with usa version just by editing your param.sfo file

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    Do you have some torrent tracker with hacked games?

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    Thanks for the advice, i changed it, but still doesn't work, i'll try reinstalling it. Thanks again

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    I come to the next conclusion today: PropeJoe for the PS3 Heck game scene = Hideo kojima for the PS3 game scene.

    you're the best mate. love your work and the time you put here.

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    dlc weapons for ninja gaiden BLES01524 do not seem to be working in story mode.they work for ninja trials.

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    Street Fighter X Tekken USA CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.06


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