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    pixilicous Guest
    i don't understand which folder under dev-hdd you are talking about, i don't have any ssx folder in my internal as i didn't copy the game over.. which folder should i be looking at man?

    i really like this game to work, i don't mind any other game that is being released now

  2. #3742
    azoreseuropa Guest
    That's why I back up most of my original param.sfo and eboot.bin to be on safe side.

  3. #3743
    PSFreak26 Guest
    Original Files for SSX -> http://www.share-online.biz/dl/KM360U9MIMFW

    Fix Repack for Rage BLES01378 (EU)

    Update fix 1.01 -> http://www.share-online.biz/dl/YPWEUX9MTF4

    Original Files -> http://www.share-online.biz/dl/IMEAYV9MVZ

    Working external with BD Mirror!!

  4. #3744
    pixilicous Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by PSFreak26 View Post
    thanks mate, any chance you have the blus files? ill have it an hour that way or the other..

    i tried copying ssx internally just to try one more time, same stuff.. my gf is away for 2 days i thought i will be shredding for hours..

  5. #3745
    andochan Guest
    Hey mate, that patch is for BLES1593 a.k.a the JAP version of Atelier Meruru. Mine is BLUS30941 a.k.a the USA version of Atelier Meruru. I've tried replacing my original games eboot.bin with the one from yours, but it did not work (since it was for the JAP version actually ).

    Do you have the BLUS30941 (USA) version of the patch? I've search everywhere, but I couldn't find it Please mate, need your help so badly here...

  6. #3746
    darkparrade Guest
    Can anyone tell me how to iso edit a param.sfo file, i searched but didn't have much luck, do i do it with multiman or do i download a program? I want to change the param.sfo file of mass effect's blus version to bles, the uptade and the dlc's, if i make the update i may be able to import my me2 character. Thanks in advance

    i tried with notepad, i changed the id of the param.sfo file, but in the game data utility folder the icon of the mass effect 3 dlc and patches doesn't show, and says it has 0kb, can anyone help me on how to add them to the bles version.

  7. #3747
    Nogitsune Guest
    download any hex editor and open param.sfo there.

  8. #3748
    guardianx71 Guest
    Actually BLES is Europe. All of them are. BLUS is USA and BLJS is Japan. Why not download the EU version. It's no different from the US as far as I know

  9. #3749
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Anyone have repacked update for SCV BLES version? I have tried to install in manually (by changing param.sfo here and there), but with no luck. Multiman recognize that the game is 1.03, but the game itslef don't and still asking for an update.

  10. #3750
    testsubject909 Guest
    Can you tell me please, where did you find the USA Version of the game ? The only scene release available on the net is the BLES1593 version by Duplex. Thanks for your time.

    OT: With the new update patches available for Soul Calibur 5 i hope to see some dlc for the game.

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