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  1. #3731
    andochan Guest
    I need Atelier Meruru USA patch thank you.

  2. #3732
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    theres like 4 of those games which one do you want the apprentice, the adventures, or the alchemist ???

  3. #3733
    andochan Guest
    the apprentice

  4. #3734
    kooltilldend Guest
    actually you are wrong mate - there's only one Atelier Meruru game -> "Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland"

    The others are Atelier Totori and Atelier Rorona... I know it can be a bit complicated hence why I'm stating per se ^^

  5. #3735
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    yes it works fine going from 1.03 to 1.06 for skyrim

    Quote Originally Posted by andochan View Post
    the apprentice
    just noticed that and here's the one you are looking for my bad.. http://www.mediafire.com/?9vrmw4j7t4mxptc

    Quote Originally Posted by pixilicous View Post
    i mean.. all the SSX people just disappeared.. did you guys manage to load it??

    Btw, this time it doesn't throw a "other users' save game" message, but it loads up.. i do not see the progress in game though.. maybe i need the "settings" file as well and the ghosts file isn't the progress, no idea..
    i know what you did when you copied over the eboot and the param.sfo files you copied them over the files in your actual games directory. You were supposed to ftp into your dev-hdd-then your game title folder and copy/replace those files. Not the files in your game usdir directory. You should just use blackdeaths updates they work just install pkg n thats it. your gonna have to replace those to files back to the ones you had before.

  6. #3736
    andochan Guest
    is that Atelier Meruru -The Apprentice of Arland- Patch? is it JAP,USA, or EUR? sorry if my english is bad and ask you too many question... babyjoe00069

  7. #3737
    pixilicous Guest
    hey man, i meant what version you have, the ps3.. and which did you use.. i just noticed there is another link for eboot.bin there for blus, tried it but it doesnt even start the game now.. i applied the patch and than the secondary eboot.bin which is twice the size of the eboot in the n0drm patch rar..

    I'm driving home soon so i'll try.. Did you manage toget it working on 3.55? I never should have copied eboot or any other file to the folder u mentioned but to thw actual game dir, overwriting the files.

    Its also not just me stuck you know, nobody manged to get past intro screen..

  8. #3738
    dovez0 Guest
    how do we put eboot.elf in for LA Noire (BLES-00933) 1.02 PS3 Patch Update? thanks

  9. #3739
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Thanks but can you repack Ninja Gaiden 3 BlUS and STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN BLUS version too ? If you dont have Street Fighter X Tekken.. Can I send you my original eboot or eboot fixed ? Just let me know what you need.

  10. #3740
    pixilicous Guest
    can anyone post original params.sfo and eboot.bin of ssx? i dont have the original files, don't feel like downloading the whole 70gb for this

    need to revert and retry 3gb lol

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