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    Sep 2012
    Please fix for Asura's Wrath DLC's (5 new episodes!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewolfknight View Post
    Links for DRAGON BALL ULTIMATE TENKAICHI (US) please... Thanks.
    dragon ball z us :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renge View Post
    Please fix for Asura's Wrath DLC's (5 new episodes!!!)
    Its available. You only need reactpsn to use these.

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    Hi, can you Propjoe release and fix Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes! thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bockers View Post
    Thanks. SSX worked for me.
    BS, you would have written to your fellow gamers how you did it..

    Well, i actually had SSX save with nothing in it of course as i didnt advance in the game. when i copied over the files the first time that's why t probably worked. the second time, i tried to do unprotect and change id's using "param editor" then i copied using xmb, at least i tried, it told me the data was corrupted, so i couldn't copy it through xmb.

    if you copied so many games, how did you do it if param edit v2 compatibility is so low?

    did you just replace "most of the files in that newsave game"? if so, what is "most of the files"? care to be a bit more descriptive.

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    try patching the param.sfo of the save you want to use with the orig one. then replace all files in the savedata folder with file manager (backup orig save file first). try launching it and save data compatibility is different in different games. i lost kingdom of amalur, ninja gaiden 3, resident evil 4 etc. save file a month ago. then i tried by many ways then this way worked. check which version you have of game. for example if save file version is 1.00 and game is usually will not load the save file.

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    finished games that n0drm patched, thanks to team
    • Tales of Xillia
    • Tales of Graces F
    • Atelier Totori
    • Atelier Meruru
    • Idolmasters 2
    • Disgaea 4 (at least the storyline)

    all patches works 100%!

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    I just couldn't keep myself from blurting out that my heart keeps racing in anticipation of the PSN JAK HD fixes. There. I said it. Hah!

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    How 'bout retail one?

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    I don't have a reliable external HDD right now for a flawless playing.

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