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    Do you know something about next scene big news?

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    just a suggestion have you tried after copying the file to see if its hidden? and on pc just show hidden files n folders? see if it pops up then, also isn't there a program open copy install for ps3 or something like that that can help.

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    can you fix ghost recon future soldier for 3.55? thanks

    also here is BLUS30770 MADDEN NFL 12 working 1.02 fix:

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    The ps3 will never load up a save game if you did not copy save game through xmb. another way is this that start a game make a save game. then replace most of the files in that new save game with the one you want to copy there is a chance of loading up.

    i have done it many times, because of using react psn in wrong way my all save data could not load up and message came that the save data of another user cannot be loaded. i was like wtf then i used this way to get my old data working on new user profile. i have used param edit v2 its compatibility is low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDeath View Post
    For those who need a repack ... (Update + Fix)
    Thanks for the Skyrim and Ninja Gaiden 3 Updates. Could you make a pkg for Mass Effect 3 (BLES01462)?

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    ky0n: If you change the game id in the param.sfo of your Mass Effect 3 backup to BLUS-30853 using aldostool's param.sfo editor, you should be able to use BlackDeath's Mass Effect(TM) 3 - (BLUS30853) v1.05 fixed update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krachwas View Post
    Thanks. SSX worked for me.

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    ^^ so you managed to get past the intro? mind sharing how you pulled it off mate?


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    Links for DRAGON BALL ULTIMATE TENKAICHI (US) please... Thanks.

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    Please someone activate Asura's Wrath DLC's (they claim 5 new episodes!!!)

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