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    Dec 2008
    Can someone please post a PROPER fix for SSX? The one that is out now causes the game to freeze right after the intro movie in the campaign, so the offline game is unplayable!

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    CoD Modern Warfare 3 Update Fix 1.03 (EU) BLES01431 ->

    Original Files ->

    Working external with BD-Mirror!!

    Fixed by Keldrion

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    if it's a 3.6 try ps3 autofix v1.2...

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    Dec 2011
    NO it's not a 3.6 game. that's the problem!

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    Jun 2012
    i wonder when will anyone be able to fix Future Soldier, can't wait.

    keep up the good work.

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    go for the save game so you basically skip the intro (Save File)

    tell me please if it works

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    are the dlcs for dead space 1 cracked ?

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    kmeaw 3.55 cfw, ssx proton blus release, cant work with blus save game provided above, "the file you have attempted to load belongs to another user profile. the file will be deleted"

    maybe modify the save game file somehow? i remember seeing someplace to do it.. i'll try to find and update..

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    ninja gaiden dlcs with update patch 1.01 (i just used the react psn version of the dlcs) all things worked except weapons in story mode. why?

    the twisted metal DLC works great thanks propjoe.

    now time for AXEL.

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    I'm trying to use PARAM EDIT v2 in order to be able to load the savedgame that was attachd here..

    For some reason comgenie doesn't commit the file copies i do, both ends.. if i copy from hdd0 to usb or the other way for some reason it doesn't seem the file is there, it seems like it is actually copying to the other end! anyone know how to solve this with comgenie?

    last i tried after using param edit and copying from usb to hdd, the "saved ghosts" couldn't be saved into the profile (some error i didn't get till now).. i canceled save of ghosts and started game, it seemed like the save didn't load up..

    seems that the file is copied, i see it on the other end. the xmb doesn't recognize the copied over saved games..

    I also tried using multiman file manager, save behaviour, i'm sure i'm copying to the correct folder..

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