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    Hey pr0p0sitionJOE love your work

    Quick question, Will all of your releases work on a dex console? And regarding the UEFA DLC pack for FIFA 12 can you get that working on a dex console giving that you can update FIFA 12 to the latest patch before playing in?

    Anyway i was just thinking about it before i convert. If I'm wrong then sorry for wasting your time

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    RE: Operation Raccoon City please...

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    Quote Originally Posted by forum2k View Post
    Enable in MM BD Emulation... works for me..
    ssx works for you?? are you on 3.55 or 3.41? which version bles or blus?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krachwas View Post
    ssx seems to work with the save game you can find in the news post. but i can't check it since I only own the EU version of it. maybe anyone can send me some links for ssx proton release?
    which news post? i will google and search this site as well but care to share a link? i searched proton release for that file

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    any chance for ff13-2 update?

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    I tried to check this post, also googled damn it..

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    Any chance an new ssx fix will be released soon?

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    No, you cannot play any CFW fixed stuff on dex. Only untouched C00 types demos with generated license edats. For other games you need a modded fix for dex. And I dont have time to do dex fixes.

    UEFA DLC is only 2 small edats wich are fixed for 3 months already, but useless without game update fixed. If I were you, I'd wait a little on regular CFW. My advice is don't go to dex. Not worth it. Dex was never meant for playing games.

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    I was wondering if with the 3.60 keys and the new methods of fixing games anyone could fix Resident Evil CV HD Euro Release (Multilanguage).

    Here is the original game link:

    Hope someone could fix it

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixilicous View Post
    ssx works for you?? are you on 3.55 or 3.41? which version bles or blus?
    here you go..

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    I'm waiting too

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