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    Feb 2012
    Hi All, Where can I find Ninja Gaiden 3 DLCs?

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    Aug 2011
    hey, pr0pJOE... any word on those games I sent you the vouchers for the other day?

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    In progress. I had more stuff to dump before yours. Later today for sure. And dont worry.

    What I promise, I deliver.

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    Aug 2011
    sure, bud... I'm just excited to check out that beta

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    Regarding the Skyrim - (BLUS30778) v1.06 update, is it ok to now go from 1.03 to this update or does this title require 1.04 and 1.05 before? I'm aware a few odd titles still need all the updates and just wanted to make sure.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    no need to even mention that you deliver propjoe to me your word is your bond, as it should for everyone else on ps3news, i think we should make a specific forum thread for propjoe, so EVERYONE can thank him for his overtime work, effort, dedication and so much more he has brought to the scene, not to mention outstanding skills, you are very talented propjoe if i had just 25 percent of your skills i would be loving it keep up the good work.

    huge props and respect, for EVERY, I MEAN EVERY single thing you have done for this scene and especially ps3news you are in a league of your own, nah nah nah cant touch this cheers propjoe about a forum thred for propjoe, i believe he deserves it long ago, and would be a way of showing appreciation for him, and his hard work, i hope mods/admins take this highly into consideration well deserved lets get some backup for this (from registered to contributors, to junior members, members and higher as a tokem of appreciation, i do not thing enough peeps know how tough it is these days to do what he does, so backup and sponsor this please everyone)

    thank you
    cordially tony

    all psnews members support this action it is worth the effort, it is small comapared to what the man does!!!!

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    Thank you pr0p0sitionJOE !!!

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    Any word on Persona 4 Arena yet?

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    Jul 2011
    Just curious, since you said beta... any chance that's the Journey Beta?

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    Lol, fine by me man. I'm waiting as many others. You're all doing a great job with the fixes. Fixed game updates are the biggest breakthrough for me yet.

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