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    For those who need a repack ... (Update + Fix)

    Sniper Elite V2 - (BLES01290) v1.01

    SOULCALIBUR - (BLUS30736) v1.03


    Mass Effect(TM) 3 - (BLUS30853) v1.05

    NINJA GAIDEN 3 - (BLES01524) v1.01

    Skyrim - (BLUS30778) v1.06

    Skyrim - (BLES01330) v2.05

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    Why is the Street Fighter X Tekken repack so small (the original Update 1.06 is 20,81mb)?

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    So, is skullgirls fixable yet?

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    daSlayer87 because the Eboot.bin is compressed

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    daSlayer87: Nothing is missing from BlackDeath's Street Fighter X Tekken repack. The fixed eboot.bin is just smaller than the original update's eboot.bin. It should work fine.

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    Ok sounds trustworthy, testing them now

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    Blackdeath is it possible to have Street Fighter x Tekken US Version?

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    Apr 2010
    My faith in humanity is tested reading some of these recent posts. To you people saying that xxx "doesn't work": You have to separately download the specific update that the fix is for. These are not updates! These are the fixes FOR the updates!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamikaz3 View Post
    Blackdeath is it possible to have Street Fighter x Tekken US Version?
    I would try PARAM.SFO Editor (cant imagine there is something different between US and EU Version)

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    I don't have US Version but like daSlayer87 said, try edit GameID in PARAM.SFO.

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