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  1. #3631
    mod632 Guest
    Mass effect 3 1.05 works just fine here, you have done something wrong. also you dont need to delete anything just install pkg and replace files and that is all

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  2. #3632
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    IMO What joe said has nothing to do with $ony, and everything to do with his site.

  3. #3633
    niwakun Guest
    Seriously guys, N0DRM didn't release any method how they done it. So why afraid of Sony patching it? Even those EBOOTS haven't patched by Sony anyway.

  4. #3634
    Longshot Guest
    Hmmm does anyone know if the Skyrim Update and Patch will work for the BLES Version ?

    If someone already tested that it would be great to let us know if it will work there too ^^


  5. #3635
    MrHayFromBombay Guest
    Thanks for all the splendid work you do on here chaps.

    Anyone got anything for Starhawk? You knew that was coming didn't ya. Sorry. [looks at floor]

  6. #3636
    alkar Guest
    Why do you think that SSX fails on 3.55 and MGS PW (at first, untouched I mean).

    Yep, that's Sony.

  7. #3637
    hilongo Guest
    Yeah ... maybe you're right ... But I just loooove conspiracy novels too much!!

  8. #3638
    Dasanko Guest
    Care to explain what's going on with this?

  9. #3639
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    I already did

  10. #3640
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Nothing. I'm talking crap. Dont believe anything you read. LOL! Thats it. Forget what I said... Please.

    Just an info... Yesterday I fixed DEAD NATION + DLC Road of Devastation US release.

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