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    Yeah, NODRM will screw up everything with this now. They shouldnt have gone out with update patches yet. That was the agreement. Only patches. Shame you cant trust anyone these days. Too much trigger happy. Thats all I can say for now.

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    Hope they will crack the 1.06 Update for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, so that the people can enjoy the game with DLC.

    US Official 1.06 Update:

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    WoW so many DLC Fixes. SO, i only need to install the DLC and overwrite the Eboot and Param again?

    Then, where can i find the DLC updates?

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    interesting.. so you have the later keys. nice mate.. you are the man. thanks for keeping the scene going joe.

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    download the fix and read the nfo

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    Interesting and worrying. Especially the 'will screw up everything with this now.' bit

    I am more than happy to sit and wait patiently for any new fix and give credit where it's due so I really hope some 'over-eagerness' has not taken everything two steps back

    If it has tho, we've still all had a great run here, so thanks again to Joe and everyone else involved

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    I'm putting my n00b-hat on right now... what do these patches mean? Are these the regular game-updates but then for the "rips"?

    And why is this bad for the scene?

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    As much as people will hate you for saying so, you are 100% right sadly.

    People (well N0DRM that is at least) think Sony is silly. Let's see how nice Sony will screw us in the future, AGAIN.

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    i tryed mass effect 3 new update 105 that was just posted and it does not work, says i have to update my ps3

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    Totally agree ... No too long ago, all you could read in the forums was people saying how hackers should be more "strategic" about their "unveilings" so that Sony wouldn't be able to patch and correct their security holes... I guess this is what was going on here ... until some "happy triggering" put us all in the same scenario we were with the 3.55 CFW ...

    Note my use of the "I guess" ... casue this is all my guesswork and nothing more. As for me ... I'll enjoy this as long as it lasts! ... Thanks to pr0p0sitionJOE et al.

    It seems like the groups making progress on the game-patching front have found the means to patch more than just the patched games ... but made a deal to release just patched game at first, and then move on. Sort of "flying under the $ony's radar"

    With these updates being fixed (maybe a little too soon) it seems that a group has decided to fly a little higher, what could end in $ony ís retaliation, putting back the scene efforts one more time...

    Not bad for a conspiracy based novel...

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