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  1. #3601
    DarkLordMalik Guest
    So has anyone tried to fix the latest MGS 4 update? I know it is useless expect for the trophy patch but it also supports full install.

  2. #3602
    StanSmith Guest
    Yea, I played it yesterday. Its now got trophy support, full install and it removes Metal Gear Online as the service is closed. Full install is just over 9GB. Oh, I haven't tried to crack it yet, will give it a go now.

    I had a look at MGS4. I couldn't get it working. If all SELF files need to be converted then there are a lot of them. 1 in every folder and there are 73 or so folders. And it needs firmware 4.00

  3. #3603
    smokyyuwe Guest
    That's a shame but thanks for giving it a look.

  4. #3604
    coresplendor Guest
    tried that, used the ps3 save unlocker but it didn't work, got an error, data corrupted.

  5. #3605
    smackedgnome Guest
    can any one help me with armored core 5 keep gettin stuck after game loads get lotsa 'X' confirm boxes with Jap writing can get past the first couple but then one comes up that you cant press anything on. The ps3 dosen't crash can quit game with PS button

    p.s i'm using the EU version of the game on internal hdd

  6. #3606
    wwefanatic Guest
    got the mass effect 3 dlc thank you prop joe

    now the tough part to get the game.

  7. #3607
    DarkLordMalik Guest
    Ah... too bad. Thanks for taking a look at it though

  8. #3608
    DarkLordMalik Guest
    So i was wondering is it possible to fix the Resident Evil HD Chronicles that have been out on PSN for quite some time. Perhaps propositionJoe can shed more light on these releases.

    If you are kind and free, please do take a look at it. There is a JPN only Disc release too but it is in Japanese so worthless.

  9. #3609
    Pepuhz Guest
    Great work and thanks to all who helped. I've waited so long for Street fghter X tekken thank you guys. I wanted to request two games Amazing spiderman and lego batman 2. I got the two games for my regular ps3 for my sons room but it died. If this is already done or requested I apologize. Thanks for the other fixes though you guys gave my old ps3 new life!

  10. #3610
    williecayote Guest
    Both games (The Amazing Spiderman & LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes) you've mentioned Pepuhz, there hasn't been any fix released yet, sad to say, but as they say..."Good things come to those who wait..." so, keep your fingers crossed and hopeful they'll have something for us soon

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