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    Big Grin

    good times with these games

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    Quote Originally Posted by CS67700 View Post
    I just downloaded Heavy Rain DLC, how do install it ?

    There is a PKG in the folder, but it isn't recognized by my PS3 when i go into "install package files", do i need to FTP the thing into my PS3 ?

    Ok, nevermind, i found out it was because .PKG needed to be .pkg.
    Quote Originally Posted by CS67700 View Post
    Ok, still won't work ... the game says there is no DLC.

    Checked the game folder on my PS3 by FTP and there is no "DLC" folder, so i don't know where to put these files.
    Quote Originally Posted by tim132 View Post
    Any news on whether the Heavy Rain DLC works/installs yet? I've just downloaded it but stuck at work so cant test it yet. Files within the download look unusual, no crack.pkg or anything like that....

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    Ye, apologizes. I forgot to explain:
    Follow this order

    1. Install Game Patch 2.0
    2. download this DLC
    3. Copy Folder "00000009" to "dev_hdd0/vsh/task" on PS3
    4. restart PS3
    5. install DLC
    6. start Heavy Rain

    And about pkg, you can make it run manually using multiman from 000000009 folder. You will see a bubble, install the DLC.
    You will find taxidermist under extras. BE sure to buy a move+eye toy, or you will not be able to use this DLC

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    please create a fix for resistance 3

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    I prefer much more skyrim and portal 2

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    I second that portal 2... And third and fourth it, if that's possible. (my computer is about ten years behind the minimum requirements for the PC version, so the wait continues...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoticTissue View Post
    interesting tidbit about infamous 2: festival of blood...

    Installed properly, ran fine, till I went into options and turned subtitles on and checked the option to be only in English (admittedly not knowing if it was necessary or not...). Went back out of the menu to find myself in a sort of "noclip" mode, no characters or dialog of any sort, flying in and out if the level. The radar still showed waypoints, but nothing ever happened but flying. Curious if anyone else has noticed (or can reproduce) this anomaly...

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    I was testing infamous 2: festival of blood like you said but the game is fine. No "noclip" mode or anything crazy like that. Are you sure you install correctly?

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    Maybe was a rare bug. Am i the only one who found this game boring..?

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    With the recent release of ReActPSN out. Has anyone thought of releasing pkg's once they activate the game for their system? Cause you know... It would be cool if someone would help the community out like that.

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    Hum, thanks for your late help, but this tutorial is all over the net and it didn't help me and tim132 (seems it only works with BCES00797 version of the game). I posted a manual way on the previous page, seems to be working.

    And NO, you don't need the move, you can play with a PS3 controller, like i do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    I was testing infamous 2: festival of blood like you said but the game is fine. No "noclip" mode or anything crazy like that. Are you sure you install correctly?
    Pretty sure everything installed fine. The game ran and was playable until I turned on subtitles and English only. Fairly certain those were the only settings I messed with. I could be wrong though. /shrug

    I'll try again once pixeljunk shooter releases its iron grip on my attention. (just making me more eager to play the sequel, once our fabulous sceners get around to it. Not long, I suspect.)

    And yes, I can see that Festival Of Blood will prolly only be fun for an unfortunately short time. I'll kill some folks, throw some stuff around, and generally terrorize the populous for awhile and prolly be done with it. I'm OK with that. Not like I'm out anything but a lil time...)

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