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    lopzter Guest
    I have a question maybe Joe or someone else can answer me. I installed the Mass Effect 3 DLC for the BLUS version; I have the BLES version of the game. The problem is that in games like the BLES Arkham City you were able to transfer because of the updates you had to install for the game to work. This game has no updates to install though, or even game data, so it does not create a folder on the game directory of the HDD.

    My question is, as the DLCs just installed some pictures of the game, the content itself and a param.sfo and that .disc or something that i dont remember, what should i create in a new BLES folder for the game to recognize the downloaded content? Can I like use the param used in the retail game or something? I don't actually know how the permissions of the files work, so i don't know if that would work or is it needed at all. Thanks in advance and awesome thread Joe!

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    Mystic Racer Guest
    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE for the new games and DLC. Another question did you have luck with Atelier Meruru DLC? Because the Eu version are now playable.

    And again thanks

  3. #3573
    micha93 Guest
    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE for the new games.

    And i have a question. I have the BLES01431 MW3 Version. all the fixes don't work, every time i have Blackscreen. Is there any solution for this problem?


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    romhunter Guest
    Hi, pals! Somebody got links of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC Packs: The Rising Dead, The Ancient Warrior , The Animal, The Viewtiful Strange or full Value Pack?

    pr0p0sitionJOE tells me that it needs small fix to working on 3.55 CFW. UMvC3 will be completed with those DLC. Thanks to all (specially to johnny for his great work). Bye

  5. #3575
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Yes, cos MW3 works perfect. Run the game in MM, but before you do turn on BD-Mirror option in MM game option.
    Also, you must have original game files, eboot and param. Let MM fix your param file.
    I only have fixes for BLUS30838 and BLES01433.

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    micha93 Guest
    BLES01431 MW3 version don't work. I turn the BD-mirror option in MM on. i have every time a blackscreen. It's boring.


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    fantopoulos Guest
    it works great over this way on 3.55 kmeaw newest mm or whatever your used to calling it, but it works fine here you prob got the wrong fix their was numerous ones out, just got to keep on trucking

    read propjoes reply above simple enough cheers

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    BlackDeath Guest
    Try my fix. It's v1.03 fixed and should work on 3.40 also. I also did a v1.02 fixed Update but I think v1.03 is better.

    Hope this will work for you ...


  9. #3579
    basa666 Guest
    I want play Carnival Island but EUR version , already available US patch but its possible made patch for Carnival_Island_PS3-ABSTRAKT (EUR version with 13 languages) BCES01369 ?? I tried US eboot but dont work.

    I'm uploaded original eboot and param here: http://www2.zshare.ma/g749z7c8nzvf


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    pixilicous Guest

    I would really appreciate if you take another look at SSX, it's driving me mad that I cannot play it

    thanks for all the rest, i checked out twisted metal as well and i will go ahead to check MW3

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