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    And FIFA 12 Retail.

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    propjoe/johhny - thank you for the ME3 DLC

    hope you can fix FFXIII-2 dlc and asura wrath dlc

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    Thanks PropJoe. I absolutely missed that release. Anyway, thanks again. you're really great

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    Jun 2009
    Note: Final Fantasy XIII-2 EBOOT patches (JPN or EUR) are the same. They can work on all regions, regardless of what region that eboot include too.

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    The Idolmaster 2 fix works with STORMAN's release.

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    Has anyone checked if the new fix manage to solve the freezing minigames issue at serendipity?

    (I haven't reached that point yet)

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    Excited for Tekken Tag 2 release (09-11-12)... Looking forward for it's game and fix here.

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    + Dead or Alive 5 and the free dlc for both games (characters/costumes)

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    I have some questions about mass effect 3 if any of you could answer them, I have the bles version, and i beat mass effect 2, the bles version as well, but i cant import my ms2 character. I beat the game again, and made a new save, and still can't import. Do any of you know a solution for this?

    There is a system uptade 1.04 i think, but i doubt that i could play the game on my cfw after i make the uptade. And also about the fixed dlc, I'm downloading it right now, cand i install it and afterwards change the location of the files from the URSDIR folder to the bles version, that's what i did with kingdom of amalur, and it worked.

    And also thanks guys for the awesome game fixes that you released till now, i i appreciate it.

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    Wow, they even cracked that BD-R - eboot (Disgaea 4)! Congrats!

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