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    Jan 2011
    Okay I tried that Dragon.Ball.Z.Ultimate.Tenkaichi.EBOOT.PATCH.100.U SA.PS3-N0DRM but It gets stuck after the loading screen anybody have any solutions?

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    Tried BD mirror?

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    New download links added for Mass Effect 3 ALL DLC PACK. Download the same link posted, but now there is new notepad with new links for DLC. Uploaded mirror to putlocker host. Tested and working. Enjoy!

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    Jan 2011
    Yeah I still get the black screen, then again could it be because I am on DEX.

    pr0p0sitionJOE question the DBZ game loads, but after the now loading screen I get the black screen do you know of anything I can do?

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    Thank you pr0p0sitionJOE and everyone who has brought the ps3 back to life.

    I really want SSX to get a proper fix, but I dont think it will happen, just because its not a popular game, and I dont think anyone will ever look at it again.

    Does anyone know if the original dongle patch made the game playable past the world tour video?

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    Anyone know if you fix for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version?

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    Compared to Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru, SSX has waaaay better chance to get proper re-fix.

    Or not. I won't be much surprised if somehow Umineko got fixed before some triple A titles. Anything is quite possible nowadays

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    is a new fix for BLES MW3 out, with no black screen?

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    Installed this on my USB HDD, but when it boots up (right after telling me to create a virtual memory card, and I chose not to create one) I get stucked on a dark screen and I have to hard reset the console.

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    How to install FIFA 12 EURO.rar‎?

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