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  1. #341
    CS67700 Guest
    I have asian version, BCAS20107. Yeah, strange ...

    I don't know if the DLC's care what region of the game you have.

  2. #342
    lele0o0o Guest

  3. #343
    CS67700 Guest
    OK, i worked my way around it, here is how i did it :

    I installed the DATA001.pkg manually thru a USB device in "install package files", jumped into Fillezila to check out where it was installed. I figured out it was installed in dev_hdd0/game/BCES00797/USDDIR/CHRONICLE0000001.

    What i did is just drag the CHRONICLE0000001 folder in my game folder (dev_hdd0/game/BCAS20107/USDDIR/CHRONICLE0000001).

    And it works like a charm. Hope it can help if the installation also failed for you.

  4. #344
    tim132 Guest
    Excellent! I was having problems even finding the installer in the games tab after putting the 00000009 folder in vsh/task/, it just didn't show up, it was doing my head in so thought I'd check on here to see if you'd worked anything out and just want to say thanks, your method worked for me also!

    It's been fun haha, will rep+ you tomorrow as I have used all my allowance for the day.

  5. #345
    CS67700 Guest
    No prob, glad i could help.

  6. #346
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Are games by PT decrypted like the ones Duplex release?

    Here are more links though.



    Also Infamous Festival of blood works fine on 3.55 CFW. It's not a DLC so if you don't have InFamous 2 or 1 you can still play it.

  7. #347
    PAUL7331 Guest
    Duplex is the man!

  8. #348
    paup2010 Guest
    Duplex is the team! , plase make playable crysis psn PLEASE, Thanks

  9. #349
    Sjlot Guest

    FIFA 12 is released on PSN so...

    It might be available on CFW soon.

  10. #350
    PAUL7331 Guest
    Exciting times. Purchased this already though!

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