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  1. #3481
    eboot79 Guest
    dlc me3 link don't work... the game is perfect works 1000% i'm tested external, 3.55 bd insert.

  2. #3482
    TitaniumL Guest
    For some reason basicupload links aren't working for me too.

  3. #3483
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    I know guys ME3 DLC links arent working currently. It looks basic is overloaded or something. That host used to work perfect and very fast. I will make mirror uploads tomorrow, cant do anything now.

    I got some good news - I know its a little late, since JAK patch came out today for retail game, but funny, I also finally fixed my psn JAK games today, each game separate and working perfect. Super fast links as always. Posting links and fixes little later.

  4. #3484
    Atrion Guest
    Thanks for all your great work.

    Once again thanks for all your great releases.

  5. #3485
    evEr Guest
    Waiting with bated breath!

  6. #3486
    Blackischeat Guest
    fix black ops dlc zombies man! Nice job anyway propjoe!! <3

  7. #3487
    furientez Guest
    me3 links work ok for me now, although they have great delay in loading, but once started the speed is quite good

    thank you propJoe and EXEtrimALL

  8. #3488
    eboot79 Guest
    tk for dlc me3

  9. #3489
    mod632 Guest
    same here, links works but site is very slow, once you start downloading speed is good

    BIG Thanks PropJoe for Leviathan, Firefight Pack, N7 Collector's Edition Pack, N7 Warfare Gear DLC

  10. #3490
    StanSmith Guest
    The links do work eventually. It nearly times out it takes so long. Then when the downloads eventually start they are also very slow.
    Why don't people post on good file sharing sites? This is crap with so many hoops to go through just to start the damn thing.

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