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    I live in the wonderland thanks to pr0p0sitionJOE

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    I say the same prOpJoe, really thanks for the dlcs of Mass effect 3 and if you can get the dlcs of saint seiya for them, they will be really happy , and mmm, i can help you with one code of hitman sniper challenge if you want/can unlock this for ps3 3.55

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    It should work, since this pack is fixed already. Install it, then move USRDIR content from BLUS DLC to your BLES directory on ps3.
    Path should be dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30853/USRDIR/ to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01462/USRDIR/

    Try this, I believe it should work fine.

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    ok wait is this guy saying that the jak and daxter us version does not work with us version fix?? i dont understand why ask for full game of euro version instead of asking for us version. that message was very confusing

    i have the disc and i dumped it are there certain files you need to be upped to check it out fw if i remember correctly is 4.11 here is the eboot and param.sfo for starters if you'd like. and don't get mad just trying to help
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    Bro, i been looking for Mass Effect 2 DLC fix. All other older links down, so bro, can anyone upload it or give a working link..?

    And thank u so much again propJOE for mass effect 3 DLC. Dear bro, my browser cant load the basicupload links in the DLC fix for Mass Effect 3. Its probably bcs I am from Asian region. Bro, is there any other links for the fixes without basicupload server like rghost server..?

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    i'm talking about the new fix by TEAM N0DRM not the earlier one, that fix doesn't work i know and it was for PSN Version i'm talking about the new one released today it works with US Version DUPLEX and no team has released & pred the EUR Version that's why i ask for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    Here is a biggy one from me and EXEtrimALL...
    wow thanks. basicupload links. can someone upload it to filefactory or extabit please thanks.

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    Today's news said that Resident Evil 6 has been sold 32 days early, which is today, in Poland. Yep, it's already out there.

    I'm curious how much time it will take before a fix for a super-triple-A-class game like this hit the scene ... anyone want to play bookies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    Here is a biggy one from me and EXEtrimALL...
    Anyone got a better link as this is just a zip file with a txt file inside and all the links in that don't work.

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    Thank you for your time effort and hard work for mass effect 3 dlcs amazing totally awesome, and we all have much much more to thank you about, so I thank you for your dedication, time, effort, and your one of a kind skills cheers.

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