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    It worked just fine over here.

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    Apr 2010
    Jak and Daxter working fine, external, with disk in drive. 3.41

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    i got erro 80010017 and return to dash with Jak & Daxter, please help

    nevermind i forget copy a file

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    It happened to me when i tried to run on external, and just the big file on internal. Try with the whole game on internal. Working perfectly for me.

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    POWERFUL FAKE!!! It is not a fix but simply the original ZRY's release required ofw 4.xx.

    P.S.: the ZRY are not hackers, as shown in the blog link, but releasers-scene!

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    drielso... thanks for advice works perfect... funny tho it wouldn't let me install at first to internal thanks again nice 1

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    Mass Effect 3 ALL DLC PACK FIXED

    Here is a biggy one from me and EXEtrimALL...

    MASS EFFECT 3: ALL DLC PACK (BLUS30853) release by EXEtrimALL & propJOE

    Singleplayer DLC: From Ashes, Leviathan, Firefight Pack, N7 Collector's Edition Pack, N7 Warfare Gear, M-55 Argus (also included in Leviathan), AT-12 Raider and M-90 Indra (included in Leviathan and Firefight Pack), Extended Cut Free (must be downloaded and installed separately)
    Multiplayer DLC: Online Pass (not tested), Resurgence Map Pack Free.


    Credit goes to following:
    Thanks to BahumatLord & Lionheartwolf for sharing Leviathan and other DLCs.
    Thanks to EXEtrimALLs friend for sharing Firefight Pack.
    Special thanks to my man omnikuuga as always.

    Enjoy ME3 with all DLCs available and fixed.

    PS - More DLCs and psn games later.

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    thank you pr0p0sitionJOE

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    Thank you Joe for mass effect 3 DLCs.

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