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  1. #3441
    ayoub ps3 Guest
    i need space marine full game with fix work on 3.55


  2. #3442
    manolitorr Guest
    no works, with or without br with bd emu

  3. #3443
    coresplendor Guest
    Jak and daxter working great! kmeaw 3.55 ext

  4. #3444
    niwakun Guest
    Atelier Meruru - Working tested!

  5. #3445
    xfighter11 Guest
    Is it true that there is a 3.55 Fix for Journey - Collectors Edition?

  6. #3446
    eboot79 Guest
    works perfect for me

    Quote Originally Posted by coresplendor View Post
    Jak and daxter working great! kmeaw 3.55 ext
    confirmed !

  7. #3447
    digisin Guest
    Here is the Fix with the Game-DDL-URL included.

  8. #3448
    evildoer Guest
    Thank you VERY much for Jak and Daxter, working excellent. Been waiting a long time for this.

  9. #3449
    Esportes Guest
    what release you use?

    do you know if DUPLEX-release work?

  10. #3450
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Jak.and.Daxter.Collection.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-N0DRM working perfectly from external! Nice one, N0DRM!

    Quote Originally Posted by ona2x View Post
    PES2012 working for me, i think i use this to solve freezing at loading
    Wow! That fix you posted works perfectly! Thank you! I had tried multiple fixes from other boards, and none had worked.

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