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  1. #3401
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Correct its just an install pkg for a previous assassins creed game part one I believe you can delete the whole folder it's not needed at all.

  2. #3402
    pixilicous Guest
    3.55 kmeaw here, multiman/gaia manager (not sure if latest) - ssx not working, pes2012 (tried internally as well) not working, tried different options in multiman as well..

    i really want those games fixed

  3. #3403
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Thanks for the input on PES2012, pixilicous. I couldn't get it working, either. No choice but to wait on NoDRM, EXEtrimALL, or DUPLEX to proper the dongle fix.

  4. #3404
    pixilicous Guest
    btw my issues are -
    • pes 2012 blue loading forever (or for at least 10 min for sure )
    • stuck also after video, tried waiting like 5 min, nothing happened

  5. #3405
    Ceast21 Guest
    So, since noone can get ssx working is there going to be a fix anytime soon?

    Also i have tried everyway i can to get madden 12 & nba 12 working & cant is there anything besides just the pkgs like an ebooot & param?

  6. #3406
    wwefanatic Guest
    thank you joe, this is why i don't download ps3 games just sony exclusives, 360 takes the rest of my bandwidth so i dont have to deal with whether a game works or not i just wait till prop joe fixes psn pkg, easier that way

    pro joe for hacker of the year 2012

  7. #3407
    gitaristerbaik Guest
    nice, no need to purchase vouchers.

  8. #3408
    ona2x Guest
    PES2012 working for me, i think i use this to solve freezing at loading


  9. #3409
    rcansecor Guest
    hi, i want to ask politely if anyone knows if johnny is still working on fixing the Jak collection because i downloaded the PSN versions of the games but i saw his last post where he mention that there was a problem with the fixes and it was gonna take a long time for him to fix it.

  10. #3410
    sickdave Guest

    8002291b ssx

    Hi everyone!

    So I got SSX (Proton release with the N0DRM Fix on a Kmeaw 3.55 / MM 4.05.00 / Discless with direct boot) and when I start the game, it loads up and gives me this error : 8002291B - and I have to exit to the XMB. Anyone got any idea how I can fix it ?

    sorry I forgot the error itself : Registration of the Trophy Data cannot be completed (8002291B)

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