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  1. #331
    CS67700 Guest
    Ok, still won't work ... the game says there is no DLC.

    Checked the game folder on my PS3 by FTP and there is no "DLC" folder, so i don't know where to put these files.

  2. #332
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Maybe try to copy it to a usb stick and put it on the root of the usb drive... it should appear in Intall Pkg

  3. #333
    joenuts83 Guest
    i figured since it was in a patched by duplex thread they would work, but now I see they were ripped by ANTiDOTE.

  4. #334
    tim132 Guest
    Any news on whether the Heavy Rain DLC works/installs yet? I've just downloaded it but stuck at work so cant test it yet. Files within the download look unusual, no crack.pkg or anything like that....

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  5. #335
    kombat75 Guest
    Hi CS6700,

    Where did you get the Heavy Rain DLC and what is the HR DLC do for this ? I mean this DLC give more power , or more money as i cannot find other site.

    Btw.. to install .pkg file copy the files to your usb and click Circle to install and it will auto install for you but not sure if this files know where u put the original Heavy Rain Folder.

    Does it work if yes let me know the link to download.. thanx..

  6. #336
    tim132 Guest

    P.s. check your inbox on this site, I sent you an invite link to my private tracker earlier

    Just found this....

    1.) Copy Folder "00000009" to "dev_hdd0/vsh/task" on PS3
    2.) Restart PS3
    3.) Install DLC - not sure what that means but someone said "When I transfer the DLC files to the task folder and restart I have a Chronicles 1 - The Taxidermist icon in the game column".......
    I'm guessing you install from there after transferring the files, will test when I get home.
    4.) Start Heavy Rain

    Hope this works!!

    IMPORTANT: Game patch 2.0 must be installed

  7. #337
    CS67700 Guest
    Yeah, ran across that tutorial few minutes ago. It does appear in the game column, but it's in german and there is an error when i try to install it, pretty strange ...

    I have a Hong Kong version of the game, might that be the problem ?

    EDIT : yep .. didn't install 2.0, doing it right now, might resolve it.

  8. #338
    tim132 Guest
    hmmm, that's a bummer! I'm not even sure which version I'm running until I get home but it's either the EU or US version. I'll let you know if I'm successful later. Did you see game patch 2.0 needs to be installed?

  9. #339
    CS67700 Guest
    Yeah, just installed 2.0 patch.

    The DLC still appears in German in the game column, ready to install, but i get an error whenever i try to.

  10. #340
    tim132 Guest
    Just found this post: "Thanks it's Working .. Us version(BCUS98164) ... after installing the dlc you have to :

    In Multiman or any program .. Move dev_hdd0/game/BCES00797/USDDIR/CHRONICLE0000001 folder to dev_hdd0/game/BCUS98164/USDIR/

    if you have the eur version just move the folder to dev_hdd0/game/BCES00802/USDIR/"

    So I guess it's working for BCUS98164 and BCES00802, don't know which version you have and why you can't even install. Almost home time for me so will be trying shortly... in between sorting tea and the kids meh!! Will report back asap

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