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    looks like SSX works for people with FW 3.41 and strangely not 3.55, what can be the technical reason for this?

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    kanketsu... owh ic now i get it, thanks for the answer...

    fantopoulos... oh wow cool... thanks... can't wait to play it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yayes View Post
    can't find dead space 1 DLC Or it not fixed yet?
    Nope. Not psn games Dead Space 1 and 2 are not fixed and DLC for 1 or 2 also not fixed. Games are using NPDRM which just doesnt want to get decrypted. Same as Dante Inferno game and DLC or Disney Universe DLC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    here you go buddy, includes update fix costume and character packs.
    Cool!!! Thanks.

    Can you fix last 4 customes pack:
    The Rising Dead Pack
    The Ancient Warrior Pack
    The Animal Pack
    The Viewtiful Strange Pack?

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    to make this clear for everyone, about ssx I'm on 3.41 using latest multimann, tried with us proton release, and a us release I found in torrents as an iso... none of them worked...the game boots, game menu opens ok... but when starting carrer, right after the first vid, I get a black screen (grey in this case) where only the ps button works...

    About the guys saying that it works, they propably didn't test this game all the way... this game does not work, end of story... big thx to Nodrm for trying.

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    could somebody upload his savegame for ssx? so that we can past just the intro video?

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    Morning, I have just seen Journey Collectors Edition has been released by ZRY , lets hope playable soon

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    i need psn links for resident evil 4 , veronica and ico , shadow of the colossus and fixes

    thanks in advance

    prop joe forever !!!

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    okey! thanks!

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    Hi propjoe. I would like to ask, How would I make proper fix for Legend of Dragoon. I have the game but it was in Japanese Language. Thanks.

    Or better yet, could you please make a proper fix for all of us here? i'm willing to upload the game or just the fix.

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