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  1. #3361
    jejemon123 Guest
    thank you johhny/propjoe for new released also love your new password blackisthief LOL i suggest change it blacktotoosucks LOL

    also will wait for your ME3 DLC also hope you can fix DLC for soul calibur V thank you so much dude

  2. #3362
    jmwtac Guest
    Is the Ratchet Trilogy signed with 4.xx keys ? Is it available on PSN yet ? and also is it possible to play online with Rebug ??

  3. #3363
    firewater17 Guest
    Thanks for everything propjoe your great. I know you must be sick of this but could you possibly have another go at the jak trilogy? As far as I know there Is a tb patch. Could you please work on the blu ray version?

    Thanks again

  4. #3364
    levepedro Guest
    Thanks a lot pr0p0sitionJOE. Also from ZOMBIEKILLAH: Dead.Rising.2.Off.The.Records.3.FIXES/BLES01302/BLJM60341/BLUS30763


    340/355.FIXED - PATCH v1.01 SPOOF v9.99

    Tested BLES01302 {Internal} Rebug.355.2 - MultiMAN 02.09.02


    BLES01302 - http://www.mediafire.com/?lod74ds7rj7jbj0
    BLJM60341 - http://www.mediafire.com/?w0fx8r506x1qfj3
    BLUS30763 - http://www.mediafire.com/?ej8ippmfypwwpmy

  5. #3365
    sx1 Guest
    Use the BLES Release from "Abgekackt" working 100% external, with disk on 3.41

  6. #3366
    kanketsu Guest
    Aha. First report of SSX working.

    Winter is coming then

  7. #3367
    ps33ps Guest
    On CFW 3.55 SSX_EUR_PS3-ABGEKACKT not working

  8. #3368
    furientez Guest
    any idea where to find this Abgekackt release?

  9. #3369
    digisin Guest
    Hi there,

    since the N0DRM-rls was tagged "USA", i only tried the SSX.PS3-PROTON-rls, which is working fine on 3.41 using a somewhat up-to-date multiman running off the external Disk w/ BD-Mirror-Option enabled.

    furientez you don't happen to have a usenet-account, do you?

  10. #3370
    bevve Guest
    pr0p0sitionJOE: need to talk to you mate! i got something for you! pm mate!

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