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  1. #3351
    stingray1059 Guest
    working on my part. need to turn off internet so the update prompt will not pop up..

  2. #3352
    dovez0 Guest
    I have Top Gun Hard Lock - BLES copied retail version, working with TOPGUNHARDLOCK.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-N0DRM.rar (BD mirror and external)

    Thank you

  3. #3353
    hey69 Guest
    tried EURO release of SSX. edited paramsfo. same problem.

    Stingray1059 can you actually play a level? because the game freezes on a black screen after the title etc loads up and when you start a new career

  4. #3354
    dovez0 Guest
    tried the SSX fix on copied retail version got past menu etc.. left video to run said good luck ssx then stops

  5. #3355
    hey69 Guest
    SSX Tried Intern , extern. USA version, EURO version , bdemu checked, unchecked.. all same problem.

    So i wonder HOW somebody has this working.

    ps3 PAL
    kmeww 3.55
    latest multiman

  6. #3356
    roeykarou Guest
    Hello Mates!! i have a small question to ask, does Sleeping dogs has a fix yet?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!

  7. #3357
    furientez Guest
    still waiting... I'm holding my breath for resident evil... it's my favourite series

  8. #3358
    jmwtac Guest
    I would just like to say thanks for all the hardwork that goes on in this thread. Keeps my gaming addiction happy

  9. #3359
    TwistedJay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by roeykarou View Post
    Hello Mates!! i have a small question to ask, does Sleeping dogs has a fix yet?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!
    Not that I am aware of But, I have a fixed cat... Just kidding

    This has been a great month in the Playstation scene. We together have conqured a lot of with the ps3 hardware. Some of us were here when things where tough while others spent there money on dongles and gladly flaunted it in our faces. now it seems those people spent that money in vain.

    I believe in sharing and would like to thank Propositionjoe for his dedication to that. most of the content he gets he has to spend at what i estimate at least 2 hrs per game when its all said and done. A million thank yous are a drop in the bucket as far as I'm concerned what have we really giving him for his hard work, a thank you hit and run, Grab and go?

    While that may be ok it makes you think about how much he really does for us. What if he just quit one day who would take over? you I don't think so even I don't know his method on how to do this. maybe one day he will teach a few of us to help take some of the load. cause I know it gets old doing and doing and so on. have a nice day

    ps this is not aimed at (roeykarou) I just liked his or her comment and thought of somting funny

  10. #3360
    darkominator Guest
    so... any solution for ssx so far? got the same problem, grey screen.

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