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    Oct 2011
    can't find dead space 1 DLC Or it not fixed yet?

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    This Just In: PROPJOE FOR LIFE!!

    thanks Mate!!! i wanted to play the dead rising 2 game forever. easy download, easy fix. in one word: Flawless.

    all your games are working with no problem all the time...

    cheers Mate.

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    Np, and yeah, the whole point is having them working on the U.S. version anyway.

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    Aug 2012
    SSX not working (SSX.PS3-PROTON - BLUS30849)

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    confirmed SSX not working

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    No reports of SSX fix working so far.

    Winter is not coming.


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    I thought there were reports of the fix working, just not with the PROTON release. Could anyone confirm if this is the case please?

    Many thanks

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    I like the Password.

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    Jul 2011
    any chance of SSX bles version fix and TOP GUN - hardlock bles version fix please, (have both games retail in hdd) just need the fixes.

    many thanks and keep up the good work

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    Please PropJoe any solution for FIFA 12 Euro Zone 2 (patch on 3.55)?? Thanks

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