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  1. #3311
    Dodoro Guest
    Is anyone able to get the Gladiator VS (BLJM60398) fix to work? It keeps asking me to update to 3.60. Tried the fix with and without the update. Even edited param in game and update folder to 3.55 and no go. Would appreciate any assistance.

  2. #3312
    sx1 Guest
    Everything is fine, working on BLES and BLUS , extern with disk, no Blackscreen playing over 1h, but i don't use the proton release.

  3. #3313
    imranulferdoues Guest
    here, the Herly Quinn revenge DLC for Batman AC


  4. #3314
    xfighter11 Guest
    Is SSX now working or not?

  5. #3315
    biasedper Guest
    DMC HD Collection works perfectly externally including DMC3. You need to enable BD-Mirror in multiman. Please don't spread misinfo.

    For people saying they got black screen after the first movie tried applying the patch after applying the dongle eboot? Did you specifically replace the files where the NFO? If so, did you try Select+X or BD-Mirror for internal or external?

  6. #3316
    Esportes Guest
    i know how to start the game... if you read more the others pages , other guy has the same problem. WHEN YOU EXIT THE DEVIL MAY CRY 3 , the ps3 reset. nobody was spreading misinfo.

  7. #3317
    biasedper Guest
    Why does it matter if the PS3 resets when you exit? How does that even constitute an issue? IIRC You would have to reload it from multiman anyway.

    and I guess it's my mistake but I've seen people spreading misinfo that DMC3 doesn't work properly when the game itself works perfectly fine.

  8. #3318
    ratboy112 Guest
    What release did you use if I may ask?

  9. #3319
    biasedper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sx1 View Post
    Everything is fine, working on BLES and BLUS , extern with disk, no Blackscreen playing over 1h, but i dont use the proton release.
    What release are you using? Bitgamers?

  10. #3320
    furientez Guest
    plz tell us what release are you using then? is there an nfo file or something?

    cause I've seen more then 10 reports saying that this game doesn't work... and I tested Proton us, and had black screen right after the intro video.

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